EPlus-3D Unveils New EP-M1550 3D Printer with 16 Laser Precision

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EPlus-3D Unveils New EP-M1550 3D Printer with 16 Laser Precision
EP-M1550 3D Printer/ Source: EPlus3D

In the rapidly evolving landscape of hardware innovation, China’s EPlus has emerged as a dominant player, pushing the boundaries of hardware size, capabilities, and productivity. The company, renowned for its polymer and metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) systems, is set to introduce the EP-M1550 3D Printer, a groundbreaking addition to its portfolio. Anticipated to be the largest commercially available metal L-PBF system globally at the time of its launch, the EP-M1550 is a testament to EPlus-3D’s pioneering approach.

At the heart of the EP-M1550 3D Printer innovation lies its unique configuration: a four-matrix sixteen-laser sixteen-galvanometer setup, with the flexibility to be customized to accommodate 25 lasers. The system’s XY direction net shape format spans an impressive 1550 x 1550mm, while the Z direction net shape extends to 1000mm, with potential customization options reaching up to 2000mm. This configuration outpaces competitors, setting the EP-M1550 apart from the crowd.

The EP-M1550 3D Printer prowess is fortified by its ability to utilize various metal powders, including titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, die steel, and cobalt-chromium alloys. A key highlight is its exceptional printing speed, reaching up to 540cm³/h, a feature tailored for directly manufacturing aerospace-grade high-performance components. This remarkable speed is achieved through the synchronized operation of its sixteen lasers, a true technological feat.

Precision, Stability, and User-Friendly Design of the EP-M1550 3D Printer

EPlus-3D’s EP-M1550 3D Printer has garnered enthusiastic early feedback from initial customers, heralding its imminent full-scale launch in September. The system is the culmination of independent research, development, and additive manufacturing technology design by EPlus-3D. Its design excellence is evident in its optical system calibration, wind field system debugging, powder spreading system control, and mechanical and electrical control systems. These attributes collectively ensure the precise alignment of lap joints, securing exceptional area splicing accuracy for consistent full-format printing.

The system’s laser beam quality boasts exceptional standards (M² ≤ 1.1), with a stable light source and small spot diameter. Its multi-laser optical path and functional consistency are strikingly stable, guaranteeing impeccable forming accuracy. The system’s substrate positioning is not only accurate but also quick and user-friendly in installation. Additionally, the self-developed software orchestrates meticulous laser scanning path planning, assuring uniformity in the created parts.

User-Focused Approach of the EP-M1550 3D Printer

EPlus-3D Unveils New EP-M1550 3D Printer with 16 Laser Precision
SLM Meta 3D Printer/ Source: Eplus

Notably, the EP-M1550’s printing chamber boasts 1558 x 1558 x 1100mm dimensions, offering a substantial build volume of 2,670 liters. With customizable options for the Z-direction height, potentially reaching 2,000mm, and a maximum build volume exceeding 4,854 liters, the scope of applications for net shape metal additive manufacturing technology expands significantly. The machine’s prolonged continuous printing capabilities ensure stable and controllable mechanical properties, with printed metal parts attaining a density greater than 99.9%. The system’s adaptability is further underscored by adjustable layer thicknesses, spanning from 20μm to 120μm, accommodating diverse part characteristics and optimization requirements.

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EP-M1550 3D Printer is dedicated to propelling 3D printing toward direct manufacturing, integrating features that enhance user-friendliness and intuitiveness. The company’s proprietary control software manages the entire process from data to part processing and molding. An independent achievement, the EPHatch printing process planning software optimizes the effective printing path for sliced data, streamlining operations and enhancing output quality.

The grand debut of the fully operational EP-M1550 3D Printer additive manufacturing system is eagerly anticipated at TCT Asia 2023 in Shanghai. This event will provide a platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to witness firsthand the technological marvel that EPlus-3D has brought to fruition, marking another remarkable step forward in the realm of large-scale metal 3D printing. The news is taken from the Source.

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