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ExOne Introduces X1 160PRO™ Metal 3D Printer for High-Throughput & Large-Part Production

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ExOne Introduces New X1 160PRO™ Metal 3D Printer for High-Volume Production of Quality Parts

Metal 3D Printer
Above: ExOne binder jetting systems produce precise green parts/Image Credit: ExOne

The ExOne Company, a global leader in industrial sand and metal 3D printers using binder jetting technology, announced the launch of its largest metal 3D printer to date – the X1 160PRO. The printer is designed for high-volume production of quality parts.

The new 3D printer is the result of two decades of research and associated efforts of metal 3D product development. The 3D printer operates on binder jetting 3D printing technology.

X1 160PRO™ Metal 3D Printer

Metal 3D Printer
Above: ExOne X1 160PRO™ Metal 3D Printer/Image Credit: ExOne

X1 160PRO™ Metal 3D Printer is ExOne’s tenth 3D printer and marks the completion of two decades worth of research. It is the largest metal binder jetting system available and offers more than 2.5 times the build volume of competing systems for sale today

High-Throughput: Built for high throughput and large-part production, the new X1 160PRO metal 3D printer offers build dimensions of 800 x 500 x 400 mm, delivering 160 litres of total build volume – large enough to produce investment cast parts used in the automotive, aerospace, and defence industries. 

With print speeds topping 10,000 cm3/hour, depending on print material, the X1 160PRO is designed to deliver the best quality part at production speeds. The new system also features Industry 4.0 cloud connectivity and process-linking capabilities enabled by Siemens MindSphere. 

ExOne’spatented Triple Advanced Compaction Technology (ACT) system
Above: The ExOne TripleACT/Image Source: ExOne

Patented Triple ACT: The X1 160PRO features ExOne’s exclusive and patented Triple Advanced Compaction Technology (ACT) system, which is critical to delivering consistent part density and repeatability across the entire build area when binder jet 3D printing.

ExOne’s Triple ACT tackles and solves one of the biggest challenges of binder jetting metal powders to perfection: dispensing, spreading and uniformly compacting ultra-fine powders with average particle size, or D50, of 9 microns. These powders’ cohesiveness makes them prone to caking and difficult to dispense.

The TripleAct solves the problems like caking, clumping and powder clouds. ExOne metal 3D printers have used several different dispensing methods over the years but the new solution is the best and it releases a consistent and fine layer of powder particles across large build areas. 

The TripleACT system also includes a new roller with knurling design. This also plays an important role in spreading the powder evenly over larger build areas thus enabling large systems for binder jetting printers.

Unparalleled Material Flexibility: The open material system is capable of 3D printing six qualified metals, including the popular stainless steels 316L, 304L, and 17-4PH, as well as some ceramics, into dense and reliable final parts using ExOne’s exclusive Triple Advanced Compaction Technology (ACT) system. 

ExOne has extensive experience in metal binder jet 3D printing. The company launched the world’s first commercial metal binder jet system, the RTS-300, in 1998.

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