First 3D Printed Amenities Block in Australia Is Underway

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First 3D Printed Amenities Block in Australia Is Underway

Dubbo’s 3D-printed toilet block/ Source: ABC

The use of 3D printing in the building industry is making its impact in Australia through 3D Printed Amenities Block! It was stated by the regional council in Dubbo, which is located in the state of New South Wales in Australia, that 3D printing will be utilized in the construction of a new amenities block in Macquarie Lions Park West. The 148 square meter 3D structure that is being created by Contour3D using 25 tonnes of its own material, Countourcrete, a specifically designed concrete that contains 40% recycled materials, is scheduled to open in August of this year. Contour3D is responsible for the construction of the building for 3D Printed Amenities Block.

This is not the first time that we have heard about a huge construction project like 3D Printed Amenities Block that was created using 3D printing from Contour3D. The Australian corporation is facing many charges in connection with a variety of buildings, one of which is a 3D printed vacation park that is located near Dubbo in 3D Printed Amenities Block.

The organization is committed to developing environmentally responsible solutions for buildings, with a particular emphasis on reasonably priced housing. This most recent undertaking, which follows in the footsteps of previous endeavors of a similar nature, aims to expand the number of restrooms in Lions Park while simultaneously reducing its impact on the environment and the amount of money it will cost.

According to Ian Whipple, Manager Major Projects at the Dubbo Regional Council, “The amenities block will be ‘printed’ using high strength concrete with significantly lower environmental impacts and wastage, and it is expected to result in considerable savings to Council, compared to traditional construction methods.” This is a direct quote from Ian Whipple. The development was believed to be not only going to be larger than the previous block, but also going to be 180,000 AUD cheaper, according to the local press.

A 3D Printed Amenities Block in Dubbo

In that case, what precisely might we anticipate from this 3D Printed Amenities Block? After completion, the space will be around 148 square meters, which is equivalent to approximately 1593 square feet, and its measurements will be 18.5 meters by 8 meters. In addition, Countercrete will be utilized in the construction of the structure.

First 3D Printed Amenities Block in Australia Is Underway

3D Printed Toilet in D Printed Amenities Block in Australia/ Source: ABC

This material is intriguing because it has been developed to maintain the strength of concrete while being manufactured using recycled components, making it more environmentally friendly. In addition, as part of a collaborative effort with the University of New South Wales, Contour3D in 3D Printed Amenities Block is continuously working to enhance Countercrete. This ensures that the material is robust enough to endure the severe conditions of the Australian environment, and its cured strength of 45 MPa gives it the ability to withstand the test of time for an anticipated 100 years or more. You can learn more about the project on Countour3D’s website HERE.

Building also began on July 10th utilizing Contour3D’s Opus One 3D printer, and it is anticipated that the building would be completed in under 25 hours. Despite the fact that completion has not yet been verified. The structural component of the building, including the walls, roof, and interior structure, is the responsibility of Contour3D; the inside fittings, on the other hand, will be finished before the establishment reopens. The objective is to have nearly little waste during the construction process, and time will be saved because an oxide color has already been given to the material, which eliminates the requirement that it be painted.

The Mayor of the Dubbo Regional Council, Mathew Dickerson, came to the following conclusion: “This will be the first time that Dubbo Regional Council has used 3D printing technology to make 3D Printed Amenities Block, and it is hoped that if the trial is successful, Council will investigate future opportunities to [utilize] the technology.”

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Because this project is at the forefront of technological advancement, it gives us the opportunity to witness the building industry of the future as it emerges. Dubbo Regional Council is leading the way throughout the nation with this innovation, becoming the first Council in Australia to [utilize] this building approach. This method can potentially revolutionize how we develop infrastructure and homes, and Dubbo Regional Council is leading the way nationwide with this innovation.

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