First 3D Printed Vegan Salmon is Now Available

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First 3D Printed Vegan Salmon is Now Available
3D Printed Vegan Salmon/ Source: Interesting Engineering

Austrian food-tech startup Revo Foods is breaking new ground by launching a 3D printed vegan salmon filet in partnership with REWE, marking a historic moment as the world’s first 3D printed food product to grace supermarket shelves. This breakthrough signals a major leap in the potential of 3D food printing technology, paving the way for broader industrial applications and a wave of innovative culinary creations.

With approximately 60% of global fish stocks on the brink of overfishing, the world’s oceans face a grave threat to their ecosystems. The fishing industry’s impact extends beyond overfishing, as it remains a primary contributor to plastic pollution in our seas. A collapse of marine biodiversity would have far-reaching and irreversible consequences, affecting the livelihoods of the estimated 3 billion people who rely on oceans for sustenance and income.

Paradoxically, while coral reefs deteriorate and fish increasingly carry toxins and microplastic contaminants, consumer demand for seafood continues to surge. A promising solution to this dilemma lies in the development of vegan seafood alternatives like 3D printed vegan salmon that are both sustainable and appealing to the burgeoning flexitarian market.

Revolutionary Technology Redefining Vegan Seafood with 3D Printed Vegan Salmon

First 3D Printed Vegan Salmon is Now Available
First 3D Printed Vegan Salmon by Revo Foods/ Source: Vegan news

Revo Foods has introduced a groundbreaking extrusion technology that seamlessly incorporates fats into a fibrous protein matrix, revolutionizing the creation of authentic seafood alternatives that replicate the texture and flakiness of traditional fish fillets. At the core of this innovation lies their patent-pending 3D-MassFormer technology, enabling the first-ever continuous production process for 3D printed food on an industrial scale and making 3D printed vegan salmon.

“We are ushering in a creative food revolution with the milestone of industrial-scale 3D food printing. This marks an era where food is crafted precisely according to customer needs. We are not merely creating a vegan alternative; we are shaping the very future of food,” remarks Revo Foods, underscoring the transformative nature of their endeavor.

The Filet: A Sustainable Sensation

Revo Foods takes center stage this September with the introduction of “THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon,” an unprecedented achievement as the first 3D printed vegan salmon product to grace supermarket shelves. This groundbreaking creation features mycoprotein, derived from filamentous fungi, boasting exceptional nutritional value and a natural, meat-like texture. Notably, “THE FILET” proudly bears a Nutriscore rating of “A” thanks to its high protein and Omega-3 content.

Unlike conventional fish production, mycoprotein like 3D printed vegan salmon requires minimal processing and fewer resources, including water and emissions, making it a substantially more environmentally friendly alternative. The mycoprotein ingredient is the result of a collaborative effort between Revo Foods and Swedish startup Mycorena. Specifically engineered for 3D printing, Mycorena’s “Promyc” protein base was developed with the support of 1.5 million EUR in European funding, further underscoring the significance of this technological advancement.

A Pioneering Partnership for Wider Access

On September 14th, REWE/BILLA, one of Europe’s largest retailers, will take center stage as the inaugural partner for “THE FILET.” Shoppers across Europe will soon have the option to purchase this innovative vegan seafood product online through Revo Foods’ official store starting October 1st.

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Revo Foods’ pioneering 3D printed vegan salmon filet represents a monumental step forward in sustainable, environmentally friendly food production. Not only does it offer a solution to the pressing issues of overfishing and plastic pollution, but it also demonstrates the potential of 3D printing to revolutionize the food industry as we know it including this with 3D printed vegan salmon. With the promise of more authentic, sustainable, and customizable food creations on the horizon, “THE FILET” is just the beginning of a culinary transformation that could redefine the way we consume and enjoy food.

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