Formlabs Factory Solutions: New Product Offering to Drive Additive Manufacturing Adoption

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Formlabs Factory Solutions
Above: Formlabs can come on-site for ongoing project management and support/Image Credit: Formlabs

Formlabs, leading manufacturer of desktop Stereolithography 3D printers, announces a new enterprise focused product offering – Formlabs Factory Solutions to drive additive manufacturing adoption. This comprehensive product package will enable manufacturing firms to get the best out of the entire Formlabs ecosystem.

The Formlabs Factory Solutions is a combination of 3D printing hardware, software, and materials designed to drive additive manufacturing adoption for businesses. 


Formlabs Factory Solutions
Above: Formlabs Factory Solution offerings/Image Credit: Formlabs

Formlabs has become a name synonymous with high-performance, professional quality Stereolithography 3D printers for home and office use. Their wide range of product offerings is compatible with a multitude of industries.

With the Formlabs Factory Solutions, the company goes one-step further than just offering a printer-software combination. It delivers an ecosystem designed with the customers’ business products and markets in mind.

It offers a customised solution to industries so that the business has the ability to build an agile factory the way they envisage it with intuitive tools, transparent pricing, and proven processes.

By seamlessly combining three solutions into one offering, Formlabs has designed a product aimed at unlocking growth, scaling production, and creating new product opportunities.

Formlabs Factory Solutions includes:

1. Custom Factory Package

Stereolithography 3D printers
Above: Custom Factory Package/Image Credit: Formlabs

The Custom Factory Package offers businesses to work with the Formlabs team to rapidly scale production the business and to grow by using the modular production station built around the Form 3, an industrial-quality Stereolithography 3D printer that consistently delivers. The Custom Factory Package aims to drive the additive manufacturing adoption even in new businesses.

The backbone of Formlabs Factory Solutions is the Form 3 Stereolithography 3D printer package that is intended for production of 10,000 or more parts per year.

2. Custom Material Development

additive manufacturing adoption
Above: New Balance 990S TripleCell Shoe with Rebound Resin/Image Credit: Formlabs

Formlabs is continuously expanding its material library and now has a wide range of 3D printing materials for engineering, manufacturing, healthcare and other industrial applications. Besides the available materials, businesses can also work closely with the Formlabs team to develop new materials to simplify their additive manufacturing adoption.

One recent example is of the Rebound Resin, a completely new 3D printing material developed by Formlabs and New Balance together.

3. Formlabs Consulting

Formlabs Factory Solutions
Above: Formlabs can come on-site for ongoing project management and support/Image Credit: Formlabs

Formlabs is actively involved in consulting its clients on various aspects of 3D printing to drive its usage. The Formlabs Factory Solutions team will take the consulting to a new level by helping companies build, setup, and launch a tailored 3D printing factory. Its multidisciplinary experts will work alongside the business team from product ideation to print optimization and production implementation so as to help the customer to perfect all aspects of additive manufacturing adoption.

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