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Fortify and Tethon 3D Partner to proliferate Ceramic 3D Printing

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Ceramic 3D Printing
Above: 3D printed ceramic rocket nozzles printed on the FLUX CORE printer with Low Shrink Aluminum Silicate (LS-AS) resin/Image Source: Fortify

Fortify, a Boston-based 3D printing Startup, and Tethon 3D, a leader in ceramic 3D printed materials, announced their collaboration to advance adoption of ceramic 3D printing materials in a variety of applications. 

Tethon 3D demonstrates its expertise in the formulation of high performance technical ceramics for 3D printing applications, whereas Fortify’s advanced 3D printers are designed to operate with loaded resins, allowing for high throughput production of heavily loaded technical ceramics for end use part production. The collaboration enables both companies to serve a wide range of industrial applications as well as participate in classified projects with US government agencies – a win-win situation for everyone.

“Expanding our platform to the technical ceramics market is a natural evolution for Fortify. Pushing the envelope with these materials requires processing of highly-loaded, abrasive, and viscous materials. These are the same capabilities that drive our success across various technical photopolymers. Tethon 3D is an ideal partner for us based on their ability to quickly formulate materials.  We’re excited with what they have been able to accomplish with our technology in-house in just six weeks.”

– Joshua Martin, CEO and Co-Founder of Fortify

Ceramic 3D Printing

Ceramic 3D Printing
Above: 3D printed ceramic GRIN lens printed on the FLUX CORE printer with Tethon3D resin/Image Source: Fortify

Analysts believe that the market for technical ceramic 3D printing is on the verge of a new period of long-term growth. From 2021 to 2027, the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to be 33%. Fortify’s goal is to accelerate the transition of conventionally manufactured technical ceramics (an $8 billion market today) to additive manufacturing. Ceramic materials have a wide range of applications, including extreme temperature environments, high wear requirements, and broad chemical compatibility.

Historically, manufacturing challenges have stifled the growth of ceramics, but 3D printing now allows for the easy fabrication of complex geometries and will play a key role in accelerating the adoption of this class of materials.

“We are excited to partner with Fortify as the ceramics market grows. We have clear demand from our customer base for more production-oriented solutions.  Fortify Flux printers are a natural complement to our Bison 1000 DLP printer customers as they look to scale their operations.”

– Trent Allen, CEO of Tethon 3D

“Working with Fortify to drive new material formulations has been a pleasure. The overall robustness of the FLUX CORE system and the capabilities of Flux Developer to quickly validate multiple variables simultaneously has really shortened our lead time on new materials. The key demands from our customers are higher purity materials, low shrink rates, and faster processing through print and sintering.  The Fortify partnership advances our technology on each of these metrics.”

– Greg Pugh, CTO at Tethon 3D

Both Fortify and Tethon 3D will be showcasing 3D printed ceramics created through this partnership at Rapid + TCT next month at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Visit the companies at Booth #E8652 (Fortify) and E9022 (Tethon 3D).

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