Geeetech Launches its New THUNDER FDM 3D printer via Kickstarter

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Geeetech THUNDER FDM 3D printer
Above: Geeetech’s new THUNDER FDM 3D printer/Source: Geeetech

Geeetech, a Chinese manufacturer of open source 3D printers, announced the launch of its newest THUNDER FDM 3D printer on Kickstarter in early September. Thunder, the latest high-speed 3D printer, will have a high printing speed, an all-metal designed body, a super strong cooling system, and a large printing volume.

After two years of development since 2020, Geeetech has matured technology that allows THUNDER to print at high speeds without sacrificing quality. According to reliable Geeetech sources, the printing speed of the THUNDER can reach up to 300mm/s with acceleration of 5000mm/s2 for the X-axis and 4000mm/s2 for the Y-axis. Users can save 30%-70% printing time with the same model and printing quality, depending on the model’s complexity.


Above: Geeetech THUNDER Benchy Printing Test/Source: Geeetech

For extrusion, Geeetech used a dual drive gear extruder, a high power heating module, and a large volume nozzle, as well as 5 cooling fans for hotend and model cooling. THUNDER outperforms traditional FDM 3D printers in all aspects, from filament melting to extrusion and cooling. Thunder’s high-speed 3D printing is impossible without an efficient extrusion system and a strong cooling system, while the all-metal body with dual Z axis design ensures machine stability while printing and moving at high speeds.

Thunder has a printing volume of 250*250*260mm and 5 different printing modes to meet a variety of printing needs. Other features include break-resuming capability, password protection, and so on. Geeetech will launch a Kickstarter campaign for THUNDER in early September, with prices starting at $399 for early birds. Geeetech is running a subscription and giveaway campaign for THUNDER on their official website.

Top Features

Geeetech THUNDER FDM 3D printer
Above: Geeetech THUNDER FDM 3D printer samples/Source: Geeetech
  • Y-axis Professional Damping Structure Design

Geeetech THUNDER has a professional damping structure for the Y axis that intelligently manages speed changes and greatly reduces the machine’s vibration rate. It allows the hotbed to move more smoothly.

  • High Efficiency Heat Dissipation

One of the bottlenecks in high-speed printing is heat dissipation. On the hot end, Geeetech Thunder designed two high-volume heat dissipation fans. Thunder also added two larger auxiliary part cooling fans to achieve high-speed single-layer printing. With the “One-button Strong Cooling Mode,” these four fans can be activated simultaneously.

  • X/Y Axis Intelligent Monitoring System, Response in Real Time

The Geeetech Thunder has closed-loop drive on both the X and Y axes. When using the same stepper motor as in open-loop drive, closed-loop drive produces more torque, faster response, and the printed model is not easily dislocated.

  • High-efficiency Extrusion System

Geeetech improves several aspects of the THUNDER’s extrusion system to accommodate high-speed printing.

  • Dual Z-axis with Seperated Limit Switch Sensor

THUNDER has two independent Z-axes, each with its own photoelectric limit sensor, which automatically eliminates height errors on the left and right sides of the X-axis, significantly improving the model’s print quality.

  • High Printing Accuracy

Thunder has a 0.1mm accuracy, so there is no compromise in printing quality even when printing at high speeds. The printed model has a smooth finish, clear angles, and a solid structure.

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