Hamilton Labs and Safe Water Gardens Partner for 3D Printing with Recycled Plastics

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Hamilton Labs to 3D print parts using recycled plastics
Hamilton Labs Built Environment 3DP (BE3DP)/Source: Hamilton Labs

Hamilton Labs BE3DP Technologies, a subsidiary of Singapore-based Hamilton Holdings Pte Ltd., has teamed up with Safe Water Gardens for 3D printing with recycled plastics. Hamilton Labs aims to revolutionise industrial additive manufacturing by creating an eco-system that makes building automation simple, scalable, and accessible.

“We’ve evolved into a BE3DP ecosystem where we don’t just stop at 3DCP.”

– Willy Ng, GM, Hamilton Holdings

3D Printing with Recycled Plastics

Hamilton Labs is a collaborative and co-working environment for 3D printing in the built environment. It has been involved in 3D concrete printing, or 3DCP, since 2017 and has worked with partners in Singapore, Malaysia, India, the United States, Thailand, and the Netherlands.

Hamilton Labs is pleased and excited to announce a collaboration with Safe Water Gardens (SWG) Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based Social Enterprise with a vision to provide a safe and affordable sanitation system for every rural home, to integrate, design, and build Safe Water Gardens waste-water management and treatment systems into BE3DP housing projects in Indonesia. “We’ll be redesigning and 3D printing the plastic parts with recycled and Ocean Bound Plastics.”, Willy said.

“The oceans are slowly turning into a plastic soup, and the effects on ocean life are devastating. Plastic pieces of all sizes choke and clog the stomachs of creatures who mistake it for food, from tiny zooplankton to whales. Plastic is now entering every level of the ocean food chain and is even ending up in the seafood on our plates. We must do something about it. To save our Oceans! To save Ourselves!”.

– Willy Ng, GM, Hamilton Holdings

Perfect Meeting of the Minds

Hamilton Labs began its BE3DP journey in India in 2017 to improve lives through better sanitation through the use of innovative technologies, methodologies, and materials, and Better Life Foundation is an NGO affiliated with Hamilton Holdings that works to improve lives and save lives.

“Willy Added, “Now, together with Safe Water Gardens, Better Life Foundation and other partners, Hamilton Labs Built Environment 3DP Ecosystem is ready and able to build the homes in BE3DP style – truly sustainable in every sense of the word, including an autonomous safe sanitation system (the SWG) made of recycled plastic.”

About Safe Water Gardens

Safe Water Gardens is a coalition of scientists, concerned citizens, and business partners
Safe Water Gardens is a coalition of scientists, concerned citizens, and business partners/Source: Hamilton Labs

A coalition of scientists, concerned citizens, and business partners brought the Safe Water Gardens (SWG) project to life. The goal is to provide a safe and affordable sanitation system for every home in rural (sub)tropical areas by 2030. The United Nations recognises the world-changing potential of this vision and has invited SWG to exhibit at the March 2023 UN Water Conference in New York as one of only six examples of a scalable WASH solution.

Sanitation that is safe saves lives. Billions of people are deprived of even the most basic sanitation services. According to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme 2017, 61% of the global population does not have access to a toilet or latrine. Safe sanitation reduces disease transmission, promotes human dignity, and benefits the environment.

“Safe Water Garden systems are currently installed in over 700 homes and schools in Indonesia and Nepal as well as at the place where the SWG started, LooLa Eco Adventure resort in Bintan, Indonesia. Sustainability isn’t just crucial for the planet, helping to roll it out amongst communities is lots of fun too!”

– Dr Marc van Loo, Initiator and Co-Founder of Safe Water Garden

Marc started LooLa Adventure Resort in 2000 – which went on to become the world’s most highly decorated eco resort (including World # 1 Responsible Eco Tourism Operator in 2015, and Singapore’s best sustainable SME in 2016 and 2017). He is Dutch by birth, cosmologist by training, educator and international educational author by profession. LooLa’s team launched the Safe Water Garden concept in 2015, leveraging eco-awards and inspired by the preventable death of LooLa’s cook’s daughter. Marc is driving the mission to bring safe sanitation to the entire (sub)tropical world with the help of an ever-growing group of passionate supporters.

Willy concluded, “With scale as we have a pipeline of up to 35,000 BE3DP homes in Indonesia over 5 years, Safe Water Gardens and Hamilton Labs BE3DP can realise our joint vision of better sanitation for all to improve lives, to save lives. Very exciting!”, Marc echoed. “We welcome partners, (and funding) on our journey together”.

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