Hamilton Labs to build Affordable 3D Printed Homes & Bungalows in Indonesia

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Hamilton Labs to build affordable 3D Printed Homes & Bungalows
Above: Affordable 3D Printed Homes & Bungalows/Source: CPT Worldwide

Hamilton Labs has announced a partnership with PT Borneo Tech Builders, an Indonesian developer and contractor, to design and build affordable 3D printed homes to support the National Affordable Housing Program. The Program aims to improve access to affordable housing for lower-income households by providing mortgage-linked down payment assistance, home improvement assistance for the bottom 40% of Indonesian households. These are the households that require home improvement rather than home purchase solutions, and technical assistance for housing policy reform.

Homelessness is still a major issue in Indonesia. Natural disasters displaced over 500,000 Indonesians in the first half of 2020. Slums and other forms of temporary housing house approximately 25 million Indonesians. Thousands of people in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, are at risk of becoming homeless because they are unable to pay their rent. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the situation.

Up to 3,000 Hamilton Labs Housing4All Series Affordable 3D Printed Homes

The million homes programme (known locally as PSR) allocates 70% of the homes to low-income households (MBR) and 30% to higher-income households (non-MBR). This is a much-needed initiative, according to Kompas, because there is a backlog of homes that still need to be built. According to Merdeka, President Jokowi is aware of, and has publicly discussed, a new technological breakthrough in 3D printing capable of printing a house faster and cheaper.

“Imagine using 3D printing technology at just about 50% of traditional old construction. We can imagine what kind of revolution will happen.”

– Mr. Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

Willy Ng, General Manager of Hamilton Holdings commented saying, “Together with PT Borneo Tech Builders and other partners, there’s a unique opportunity for the Hamilton Labs Eco-system to bring 3DCP, 3D concrete printing, to an industrial production level where it is possible to scale up for true savings and make homes truly affordable. COVID-19 has disrupted value and supply chains in Indonesia, making it more challenging to complete affordable homes. Also, Indonesia has a wealth of natural resources to support 3DCP’s needs.”

“With scale, the Hamilton Labs Eco-system is able to design & build our proprietary “double barrel” , intelligent, printing and delivery operating software, control & monitoring platform, sustainable materials and concrete mixes and Design Optimization & Calibration Management (slice-&-dice). The potential innovations that come with this opportunity are immense. We have a pipeline of up to 30,000 affordable homes over 5 years.”

– Willy Ng, General Manager, Hamilton Holdings

180 Hamilton Labs Nordic Series 2-story Lagoon Bungalows

Another project that will change people’s perceptions of 3DCP homes is the design and construction of 180 two-story homes surrounding a lagoon. A clubhouse and cable wakeboarding park are part of the development.

Willy added, “The Hamilton Labs Eco-system is pushing the envelope on built environment 3DP. We aim to achieve no less than 75% of the building and development with 3DP. This involves the full spectrum of 3DP and corresponding materials. I’ve invited 3DP practitioners to come collaborate and join the Hamilton Labs Eco-system.”

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