HP’s new 3D printing material exhibits cost-efficiency in parts production

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  • Accel Digital Solutions, Decathlon, Erpro Group, and Materialise are achieving unparalleled surface aesthetics and cost-efficiency in parts production
HP introduces new 3D printing material HP 3D HR PA 12 S, enabled by Arkema/
HP introduces new material HP 3D HR PA 12 S, enabled by Arkema/Source: HP Inc.

At the annual AMUG (Additive Manufacturing User Group) Conference next week, HP Inc. will show off parts made from a new 3D printing material that has been qualified for its industrial 3D polymer solutions. Developed in collaboration with Arkema, the new PA 12 S material raises the bar for surface aesthetics while lowering costs for customers who use HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D printing solutions.

This pioneering material’s reach will soon expand, as it will be available for the Jet Fusion 5600 Series later this spring, broadening its application across HP’s polymer 3D printing solutions.

Cost Efficiency with PA 12 S

Arkema’s introduction of PA 12 S is set to revolutionise the industry by reducing variable costs per part by up to 25% while significantly lowering total cost of ownership. This material, combined with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, provides an optimised production process that streamlines post-processing steps, saving time and money. These advancements allow manufacturers to produce parts more efficiently while maintaining high quality and environmental standards.

“From design to parts production and post processing, HP is committed to delivering a broad range of innovative materials and programs for more sustainable production. We are thrilled to once again join our colleagues across the industry at AMUG as we collectively look to accelerate scale and adoption of additive manufacturing.”

– Francois Minec, Global Head of 3D Polymers, HP Inc.

Commitment to Sustainability

HP’s materials have industry-leading reusability ratios, and the new PA 12 S material outperforms other PA 12 materials on the market. In fact, the reusability ratio can reach up to 85%, minimising waste.

In addition to the new PA 12 S, HP has collaborated with leading material companies to co-develop and deliver a variety of polymer materials, including thermoplastics (HP 3D HR PA 11, HP 3D HR PA 12 S enabled by Arkema, HP 3D HR PA 12 W, HP 3D HR PA 12 GB, and HP 3D HR PP enabled by BASF) and elastomers.

Customers are using these innovative materials in conjunction with HP’s extensive portfolio of professional services, design capabilities, software, hardware, automation, and post-processing solutions to achieve more sustainable production in industries such as automotive, consumer, healthcare, and industrial.

Customers such as Accel Digital Solutions, Decathlon, Erpro Group, and Materialise are using the newly launched PA 12 S material to create aesthetic parts with improved surface finishes at lower production costs.

What users say about the new 3D printing material

Accel Digital Solutions, a burgeoning Startup in the additive manufacturing sector, has embraced the new PA 12 S material, citing HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology’s cutting-edge capabilities. “HP’s Multi Jet Fusion equipment delivers unmatched precision, speed, and quality for both prototyping and production of parts and finished goods. This technology enables us to provide substantial value through time and cost savings, benefiting industries such as automotive, healthcare, sports, and more. After receiving test samples of the new HR PA 12 S material, we found the print quality and surface finish were markedly better.”

Grégoire Mercusor, Additive Manufacturing Materials Strategy Leader at French retail company Decathlon, highlighted the material’s impact on reducing part roughness, likening its effect to hours of tribofinishing on current materials. “The high refresh rate of up to 85% and the attractive price point of PA 12 S are poised to unlock new project opportunities,” he said.

“This PA 12 S material offers an unprecedented combination of surface finish and productivity, giving us new production opportunities when it comes to aesthetic parts. The smooth surface is an ideal base for further post-processing steps, sublimating the final result, and lowering the cost of providing complex smooth parts.”

– Quentin Bertucchi, Applications Engineer at Erpro Group

Pieter Vos, Marketing & Product Director, Materialise said, “Working with HP, as a beta customer for PA 12 S, is an important element in our strategy to make additive manufacturing more accessible through an extended industrial grade materials offering. PA 12 S has proven its processability, delivering consistent parts with a great surface quality. We look forward to exploring application opportunities with our customers.”

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