IIT Madras starts a 3D Printing Farm with 25+ FabMachines in its New Additive Manufacturing Lab

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IIT Madras integrated 25+ FabMachines in its 3D printing farm
IIT Madras integrated 25+ FabMachines in its 3D printing farm/Source: Fabheads Automation

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M), one of India’s premier public technical universities in Chennai, has started a 3D printing farm with 25+ FabMachines 3D Printers developed by Fabheads Automation into its newly inaugurated cutting-edge Additive Manufacturing lab.

The IIT Madras lab, which now has over 25 FabMachines 3D printers, is poised to become a hub of additive manufacturing innovation and learning. The integration of FabMachines technology will give students hands-on experience and a better understanding of advanced manufacturing processes.

IIT Madras Lab integrates 25+ FabMachines

The new Additive Manufacturing lab at IIT Madras equipped with over 25 FabMachines 3D Printers
The new Additive Manufacturing lab at IIT Madras equipped with over FabMachines 3D Printers/Source: Fabheads Automation

Dhinesh, Founder of Fabheads and an IIT Madras alumnus (2007-11 Batch), is excited to be able to give back to his alma mater while also nurturing the next generation of innovators and engineers.

“As a former student of IIT-M, it brings me immense happiness to contribute to the college that played a pivotal role in shaping my journey. Being able to provide cutting-edge technology and opportunities for students to excel in additive manufacturing is truly fulfilling.”

– Dhinesh, Founder of Fabheads Automation

FabMachines, a Fabheads brand, has gained recognition for its cutting-edge 3D printing technology, which is entirely manufactured in India, particularly its F Series line of machines, which print continuous carbon fibre. The integration of FabMachines 3D Printers and the C6 Slicing software (India’s first cloud-based slicing software) into IITM’s print farm demonstrates the dependability and versatility of Fabheads solutions.

The collaboration between IITM and FabMachines demonstrates the growing recognition of indigenous technology solutions and the importance of developing homegrown talent in advanced manufacturing. With this integration, IIT Madras builds on its legacy of innovation and sets a new standard for research institutions across the country.
This collaboration not only strengthens India’s position in the global additive manufacturing landscape, but it also pave the way for further advancements and breakthroughs in the field. As FabMachines continues to push the boundaries of innovation, this collaboration represents the start of an exciting journey to transform India into a hub of cutting-edge technology and manufacturing excellence.

3D Printing Farm and its Impact

A 3D printing farm can act as a catalyst for hands-on learning as well as R&D purposes
A 3D printing farm can act as a catalyst for hands-on learning as well as R&D purposes/Source: Fabheads Automation

3D printing farms are a significant step forward in manufacturing, enabling the mass production of parts with precision, efficiency, and reduced waste. Unlike traditional manufacturing, which frequently requires expensive setups and generates significant waste, 3D printing farms streamline production processes. They allow for the simultaneous printing of multiple parts, which saves time and resources.

This approach not only speeds up innovation by shortening development cycles, but it also democratises manufacturing, making it more accessible to smaller companies and individual innovators.

The establishment of such farms, particularly in educational institutions such as IIT Madras, acts as a catalyst for hands-on learning, research, and the development of sustainable manufacturing practices.

About Fabheads Automation: Fabheads Automation is one of India’s leading carbon fibre part manufacturers, and it created Asia’s first continuous carbon fibre 3D printer. It has received several notable awards over the years, including the CII’s Top Startup in Manufacturing (2018), the Outstanding Innovation in Composites Award (2019) from ICERP 2019 – JEC Composites, the DRDO’s Dare To Dream Award (2019), and the Government of India’s National Startup Award (2020).

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