India’s Finance Minister Virtually Inaugurates India’s First 3D Printed House

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3D Printed House
Above 3D Printed House built by Tvasta at the IIT Madras campus/Image Source: Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions

In a first for India, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman Hon’ble Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India, virtually inaugurated India’s First 3D printed house in Chennai yesterday. The house was developed, designed and 3D printed by Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions an IIT Madras Alumni startup.

The 3D printed house is a proof-of-concept house that was developed to introduce and highlight the technology for use in the construction sector. The 3D printed house was built in the IIT Madras campus.

Tvasta was initially established as the 3D Printing Club of IIT Madras in Centre For Innovation (CFI) to build innovative products using 3D Printing and to spread awareness about this technology by three the then students, Adithya, Vidyashankar & Parivarthan. After their graduation in 2016, Tvasta was founded as a company that had the capabilities to deliver world class industrial 3D printing solutions.

25 Million Houses by 2030

The rapid rise in India’s urban population is going to put severe pressure in cities in the next two decades. It is estimated that the urban population will increase from 34% currently to 40% in 2030. This means that the the current shortage is around 10 million units and almost all of it lies in the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Lower Income Group Segment (LIG).

The construction industry is plagued with many challenges like rising material costs, labour costs and the labour issues, shrinking profits, etc. Moreover the industry is fragmented and that makes the woes even more challenging and difficult to address.

Considering the Indian housing market, a RICS – Knight Frank report of 2019 estimated that 25 million additional affordable units will be required by 2030. A number highly difficult to achieve at the current pace of operations. In addition to building the massive number of houses, the houses also need to be affordable to majority of the Indian population. A significant challenge for India.

Construction 3D Printing

3D Printed House
Above: Tvasta manufacturing facility in Chennai/Image Source: Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions

With new technologies being developed worldwide, 3D printing brings a new ray of hope. Construction 3D printing is being leveraged by many countries with the aim to develop affordable housing solutions. In addition to being affordable, 3D printing brings so much more to the table. 3D printed houses can be built in a matter of days and are also environmentally friendly than the traditional ones. This is an important distinction going forward.

Adithya one of the founders of Tvasta said, “We are pleased to inform that we have developed right from machines, materials and systems in India itself. All the systems together are able to efficiently build houses.”

Talking about the recent project, Adithya said that it was an off-site 3D printing project, meaning that the house parts were made at their factory and then assembled at the site. But in their next project in Pondicherry, a Union Territory on the East cost of India, the construction will be completely on-site.

The honourable Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman stressed on the point that, “We need resilient, environmentally sustainable and affordable houses for Indians. We do not need one-off solutions but we need solutions that are not only sustainable but also affordable to the masses.”

Adithya also added, “Our solutions are completely developed for Indian conditions and so our solutions are cost friendly, environmentally friendly. Our proprietary concrete material, developed for Indian conditions is a very strong and at the same time helps keep the construction costs down.”

The Tvasta team stressed on the point that their technology can be a perfect solution for the Government of India’s Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan where houses and toilets are constructed for masses.

Finally, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman congratulated and boosted the morale of the founders and the entire team of Tvasta. She exclaimed, “The Tvasta team has developed a product that is designed considering India’s requirements into mind and this should be applauded”

The Minister also congratulated and thanked Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director, Indian Institute of Technology – Madras for supporting and encouraging Startups like Tvasta.

The Inauguration was also graced by other dignitaries including Shri. N Venkataraman, Additional Solicitor General and Anoop Nambiar, Country Director (India), Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter and leads the country practice for Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Center in India.

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