Introducing India’s First Sustainable 3D Printing Experience Centre by WOL3D

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WOL3D 3D printing experience centre
Above: Inside view of the 3D printing experience centre/Image Source: WOL3D

WOL3D, a leading 3D printing solutions provider from India, inaugurates India’s first Sustainable 3D Printing Experience Centre in Lalbagh, Mumbai. For the first time in India, WOL3D’s 3D printing experience centre brings 3D printing closer to consumers. Visitors can tour the centre and walk around to get a first-hand feel of these technologies all the while learning about it.

The 3D printing experience centre brings together more than 12 different 3D printing technologies at one place including Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), HP’ MultiJet Fusion (MJF), PolyJet Printing (PJP), ColorJet Printing (CJP), Metal 3D printing technologies, and Concrete 3D printing.

WOL3D has been leading the printing revolution in the country with its mission to make 3D printing accessible, affordable and, simply put, super exciting for everyone. The experience centre is an extension of its commitment to put India on the global 3D printing map, giving customers access to a range of products and services for both, commercial and personal use.

WOL3D 3D Printing Experience Centre

WOL3D 3D printing experience centre
Above: FDM 3D printer in operation at the 3D printing experience centre/Image Source: WOL3D

Visitors to the 3D printing experience centre can get up close and personal with a variety of cutting-edge 3D printing machines, learn how 3D objects are created, and even make one for themselves.

Visitors can participate in the creation process with the help of WOL3D’s expert team. They can design a household item, branded merchandise, custom figurines, a prototype, architectural structures, or even medical models. The team can assist creators in making a creation straight from their imagination.

All of this takes place while keeping sustainability in mind, with biodegradable plastic filament serving as the primary manufacturing material. The centre is outfitted with solar panels and runs entirely on clean energy, reducing its carbon footprint even further.

“Though still at a nascent stage, 3D printing has rapidly gained momentum in India, especially after the pandemic. 3D printing technology is exciting, and almost like magic, but is also intimidating from the outside. Our aim is to educate India on how 3D printing can benefit people, and how they can use it themselves in their everyday lives. I believe the future is going to be 3D printed, but we want to get that future to you today.”

– Rahul Chandalia, Co-Founder and Director, WOL3D

What will you find at the Experience Centre?

3D printed medical model on display
Above: 3D printed medical model on display at the 3D printing experience centre/Image Source: WOL3D
  • 3D Products: WOL3D has worked with experts across the country to showcase what this technology is capable of, from cement walls and lamps to wearable fashion and medical products.
  • 3D Printers: From our wide range of options for personal or professional use, users can browse and take home a 3D printer starting at Rs 15,000 or a 3D pen starting at Rs 900.
  • 3D Services: Visitors can also try their hand at manufacturing parts on a 3D printer.
  • 3D Education: If any visitors wants to learn more about the technology, WOL3D experts will be at hand to explain the technology.

To check out the WOL3D Experience Centre for yourself, drop by at: Cotton Mill, Hakoba Compound, 18, ground floor, Dattaram Lad Marg, Kalachowki, Mumbai.

To know more about the place and see how it looks, check out a teaser video of it here.

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