Inkbit Launches New Titan Tough Epoxy 85 at Formnext 2022

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  • Inkbit is also showcasing the Inkbit Vista™ AM System during Formnext.
Inkbit Vista™ AM system makes its European debut at Formnext 2022
Inkbit Vista™ AM system makes its European debut at Formnext 2022/Source: Inkbit

Inkbit, a Massachusetts-based additive manufacturing company, unveiled its latest additive manufacturing material, the Titan Tough Epoxy 85 elastomer, today at Formnext 2022. This material, which has been specially formulated for durability, provides improved performance for applications that require both high accuracy and production-grade mechanical properties.

This material is the most recent addition to the Inkbit Vista ecosystem, and it was created in response to customer requests for parts that are tough, accurate, and designed for AM, which usually means intricate geometries.

Titan Tough Epoxy 85

Inkbit's Titan Tough Epoxy 85 is impact-resistant for hard-wearing parts
Inkbit’s Titan Tough Epoxy 85 is impact-resistant for hard-wearing parts/Source: Inkbit

In addition to Titan Tough Epoxy 85, the Inkbit Vista™ AM system will make its debut at Formnext, promising to inspire show attendees to explore new opportunities in mass production. The Inkbit Vista™ system, powered by Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ) for accurate and repeatable parts, provides dimensional accuracy and production scale throughput with Inkbit’s range of functional and robust materials.

Titan Tough Epoxy 85 is designed with advanced chemistry and the materials science expertise of the Inkbit materials science teams. It is impact-resistant and can withstand long-term UV exposure. Because of the precise dimensional performance provided by the Inkbit Vista™ platform, this material is well suited to multi-component designs where tolerance stack-up challenges necessitate accurate individual components so assemblies fit together.

Inkbit has also developed a simple, low-labor post-processing workflow that uses wax support material that melts away, allowing the system to reliably print complex, highly detailed part geometries. The support material is also recyclable, which helps to explain Inkbit’s low cost-per-part advantage. This clean production process reduces the need for a dedicated production environment with strict environmental controls even further.

“The launch of our Titan Tough Epoxy 85 is an important milestone in our journey to take material jetting from the realm of prototyping to that of production. The toughness, tensile strength, impact resistance and flexibility of Titan Tough Epoxy 85 rival those of Nylon 12, today’s AM industry standard.”

– Davide Marini, Co-Founder and CEO, Inkbit

Marini added, “The new classes of materials we are introducing, when combined with the multi-material capabilities and accuracy of our platform, will enable a formidable acceleration in product development and digital manufacturing across many industries. We would like to invite Formnext visitors to visit our booth, see our printer, and take home as many sample parts as they wish.”

Inkbit’s participation at Formnext, between November 15 through 18th, provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore the latest advancements in production AM technology, with the high throughput and complex geometries achievable with the Inkbit Vista™ platform. The experts at Inkbit will be present in hall 12.1, stand F39 to show how the technology can be applied in industries such as automotive, healthcare, aerospace, robotics and consumer goods.

About Inkbit: Inkbit is a Medford, Massachusetts-based additive manufacturing company. The Inkbit Vista™ system is intended for mass production of polymer 3D printed parts for end-use. Inkbit delivers high-resolution additive manufacturing using a novel technology called Vision-Controlled Jetting (VCJ), allowing users to produce parts with extreme dimensional accuracy and precision at high volume.

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