What to consider before installing a 3D Printer in your Garage?

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Setting up a 3D printer in your garage
Above: Setting up a 3D printer in your garage/Source: Manufactur3D

3D printers can be a wonderful addition to your garage workshop, allowing you to quickly prototype and manufacture many of your designs. However, before you setup a 3D printer in your garage, you need to consider a number of factors that might impact its operation.

First of all, you need to make sure that your garage is properly insulated, as many 3D printers might have trouble working correctly in extreme temperatures. You should also construct a fireproof enclosure around your 3D printer to minimize any damage to the garage should things go wrong.

Finally, make sure to place your 3D printer on a stable surface and that there’s an adequate power supply nearby. Follow the tips below and learn how to make your garage 3D printing adventure safer and more effective!

Insulate Your Garage

If you want to use your 3D printer in your garage, you need to make sure that the space is adequately insulated. Many 3D printers have difficulty operating in extreme conditions, so it’s important to maintain a consistent temperature in your garage to prevent any issues. For example, if your garage workshop is too cold, the filament used by your device might not flow properly, resulting in poor prints.

One way to insulate your garage is to install foam board insulation on the walls and ceiling. This will help keep the temperature inside your garage consistent without constantly using the heaters or the air conditioning unit.

If there are any gaps around your garage door, you can use weatherstripping to fill them in and further improve the insulation of your space. Also, check whether your garage door seals appropriately to prevent any moisture from coming inside. If it’s too old to be economically repaired, consider getting a new garage door from a reputable provider.

Get an Enclosure for Your 3D Printer

Before you put a 3D printer in your garage, think about getting an enclosure for it. An enclosure will help to minimize any potential damage dust can do to your extruding prints. It will also help to keep the noise level down, as well as maintain proper temperature around the device itself. Try to look for models that offer fireproofing features for maximum security.

There are many different types of 3D printer enclosures available on the market, so make sure to choose one that’s appropriate for the size and type of your 3D printer. Also, keep in mind that some 3D printers might require modifications to fit inside an enclosure, so it’s essential to do your research before making a purchase.

Place Your 3D Printer on a Stable Surface

Above: Place your 3D printer on a stable platform/Source: Zmorph

Remember to place your 3D printer on a flat, level surface to ensure that it prints correctly. You can use a bubble or a laser leveler to check whether your 3D printer is positioned correctly. Also, make sure that there’s nothing around your 3D printer that might fall over and damage it.

If you want to increase the stability of your 3D printer, you can use anti-vibration pads or mount it to a solid piece of furniture. Just confirm that whatever you use can support the weight of your 3D printer and that it won’t move around when the machine is in operation.

Make Sure Your Garage Has an Adequate Power Supply

If you’re planning to place a 3D printer in your detached garage, ensure that the building has an adequate power supply. You don’t want to use unwieldy extension cords to supply your device with electricity – the exposed cables might be affected by moisture or rain and will present a constant tripping hazard.

Consider upgrading the electrical system in your garage to provide enough power outlets for all of your 3d printing devices. If you’re unsure how to do it yourself or you simply don’t have the time, hire an experienced electrician to do the job for you.

Consider Installing Additional Safety Measures

Despite all of the advances in the field of 3D printing, extruding complex shapes can still take hours. If you need to leave your garage for an extended period of time, think about installing additional safety measures to minimize the damage from accidents. It might be a good idea to add some smart smoke detectors to know when something’s wrong instantly and to alert the firefighters.

Also, think about installing a security camera to observe your prints from afar and to quickly notice any potential problems. Many modern security cameras can be accessed remotely via a smartphone or a laptop, so you can check on your 3D printer even when you’re not at home.


Before you add a 3D printer in your garage workshop, make sure to consider a number of factors that might impact its operation. Check if your garage is properly insulated to maintain a consistent temperature for your 3D printer. You should also get an enclosure for your device to protect both your prints and your garage from various types of damage.

Don’t rely on cords to power your 3D printer – ensure that the garage has an adequate power supply located nearby. Finally, get a stable surface for your 3D printer and install additional safety measures to minimize the damage from accidents.

Now that you know what to focus on, you can start shopping for the perfect 3D printer for your garage workshop! Good luck with your projects!

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