Interfacial Consultants LLC Acquires M. Holland 3D Printing Group

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M. Holland Company’s 3D Printing Group Acquired/ Source: Industrial Distribution

In a significant development within the additive manufacturing (AM) sector, Interfacial Consultants LLC has announced its acquisition of M. Holland 3D printing group. This strategic move bolsters the presence of Interfacial’s parent company, NAGASE Group (8012:TYO), in the North American and global AM market.

M. Holland 3D printing division, initially led by Haleyanne Freedman, was established in 2018 to expand the market reach of the Chicago-based thermoplastic resins distributor. However, due to resource constraints, the division remained relatively small. The acquisition marks the convergence of two complementary businesses, enhancing M. Holland’s ability to offer 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions to its extensive customer base.

Beyond supplying a diverse range of 3D printing plastics, M. Holland 3D printing group provides comprehensive engineering and production services, functioning as an information hub for legacy injection molding clients transitioning to AM. This holistic approach encompasses training, design services, machine distribution, and specialized AM outsourcing. The well-equipped M. Holland division will seamlessly integrate into Interfacial, amplifying NAGASE’s efforts to expand its AM business.

A Strong Partnership for M. Holland 3D Printing Group

Interfacial Consultants LLC Acquires M. Holland 3D Printing Group
M. Holland Sells 3D Printing Unit to Japan Firm/ Source: Modern Distribution Management

Interfacial, headquartered in Wisconsin, boasts a compelling history. Founded by 3M veteran Jeffrey Cernohous in 2003 as Interfacial Solutions (IFS), the company was initially incubated within the larger Phillips Plastics Corporation and later acquired by Stratasys in 2014 for its role in developing materials for the 3D printing giant. Subsequently, Interfacial Consultants became part of NAGASE’s portfolio in 2020.

At the EMPOWR3D innovation center, Interfacial offers a spectrum of services mirroring those of M. Holland 3D printing group AM division, covering everything from initial prototyping to final production. This includes material development, feedstock creation, printer selection, part design, printing, and characterization. Some of Interfacial’s notable partners in 3D printing include ARBURG, Braskem, and Evolve Additive Solutions.

Jeff Cernohous, Chief Operating Officer at Interfacial, praised M. Holland 3D printing group consultative business development model for driving 3D printing adoption. He also highlighted Interfacial’s Empowr3D division, launched in 2022, which aims to facilitate industrial end-users in adopting 3D printing at scale. This acquisition accelerates these efforts and expands Interfacial’s reach through M. Holland’s extensive customer network.

NAGASE: A Chemicals Trading Powerhouse

NAGASE, founded in 1832, is a formidable USD$5.3-billion chemicals trading firm with a global presence, employing over 6,000 individuals across 20 countries. The M. Holland 3D printing group company boasts a diverse materials portfolio, spanning adhesives, coatings, conductive inks, enzymes, epoxies, and gelling agents.

Within NAGASE, they offer a range of resins for vat photopolymerization 3D printing. Moreover, through Infinite Materials Solutions, a filament line initiated in partnership with Interfacial in 2018, NAGASE markets specialty water-soluble support and 3D printing materials. One of the prominent offerings is AquaSys, part of Infinite Materials Solutions’ soluble support filament line, catering to materials like PEEK and PEI.

Strengthening Interfacial’s Regional Presence

This acquisition strategically positions Interfacial within the Midwest, strengthening its foothold in this key region while expanding its customer base in the injection moulding sector. While NAGASE targets the global market, its U.S. operations benefit from an ideal location under the banner of Interfacial, as the Midwest emerges as a pivotal hub in the United States. This development is particularly advantageous for automotive and medical manufacturers seeking to leverage EMPOWR3D services amid the growing adoption of additive manufacturing.

Interfacial Consultants LLC’s acquisition of M. Holland 3D printing group marks a significant step in the evolution of the additive manufacturing industry. The synergy between these entities promises enhanced solutions and services for a rapidly expanding customer base, while NAGASE Group solidifies its position as a global player in the AM sector. With a strong presence in the Midwest, the collaboration is poised to drive innovation and growth in the AM industry, benefiting diverse markets and applications.

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