Javelin Technologies and Cimetrix Solutions Partner to form AM Powerhouse in Canada

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Canada-based Javelin Technologies, a veteran in 3D design engineering, product data, management, automation and additive manufacturing (AM) and Canada’s authority on additive manufacturing, Cimetrix announced in an official release that they have joined hands to form new 3D design engineering and additive manufacturing powerhouse in Canada. The Powerhouse is being established to serve both the companies’ 6000 customers known to cater every sector of the Canadian economy.

Since the two companies will come together, it will be unification of a team that will offer high levels of service and support to Canada’s most creative companies as well as students, start-ups and even largest top-tier manufacturers.

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The leaders of Javelin Technologies and Cimetrix Solutions will join forces Left to right Kirsten Janeteas John Carlan Ted Lee James Janeteas/Image Credit: Javelin Technologies

Explaining more about how the partnership of both these companies will drive their business further, James Janeteas of Cimetrix said, “Our focus has always been on taking care of our customers by understanding what drives their business and providing solutions that affect the bottom line.”

“I’m excited because by combining our expertise and resources, we can be even more responsive and provide even deeper application knowledge and advice,” Janeteas added.

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Speaking about how the new partnership has been established to better serve the needs of their respective customers, Ted Lee of Javelin said, “We help people and businesses execute well, and that’s never been more important. Joining Javelin and Cimetrix means we’re putting ourselves exactly where our customers will be and will need us to be.”

Seperately, both the companies offer rapidly changing, high-growth sectors such as manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. Being one of the trusted resellers for SOLIDWORKS software and Stratasys and Desktop Metal 3D Printers, Javelin is known as one of the fastest-growing information technology companies.

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Above: 3D Printers at the Cimetrix additive manufacturing lab in Oshawa Ontario/Image Credit: Cimetrix

On the other hand, Cimetrix, is Canada’s leading authority on additive manufacturing, which focuses on making technology and equipment solutions work for customers in the real world. Right from automotive to aerospace and education to medicine, Cimetrix is known to provide high-performance prototypes, tooling and manufacturing aids apart from high quality end-use parts and low volume manufacturing.

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