Kask Introduces Revolutionary Elemento Helmet with 3D Printed Carbon Fibre Structure

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Kask’s Elemento helmet has 3D printed carbon fibre structure
Kask’s Elemento helmet has 3D printed carbon fibre structure/Source: Kask

The Elemento helmet from Italian brand Kask aims to redefine the world of cycling with its innovative features, including a ground-breaking 3D printed carbon fibre structure. Kask creates a high-performance helmet that prioritises both safety and comfort by combining two cutting-edge technologies, Fluid Carbon 12 and Multipod.

The Elemento is available in classic Black and White versions, as well as new metallic finishes (Beetle Green, Oxford Blue, Red, and Silver). The helmet is remarkably light, weighing only 260 grammes (size medium), further enhancing the rider’s experience.

Elemento Helmet with 3D Printed Carbon Fibre Structure

Kask’s Elemento helmet
Kask’s Elemento helmet/Source: Kask

Fluid Carbon 12, a composite technopolymer, sets the Elemento apart from traditional materials by significantly enhancing impact absorption and evenly distributing forces across the helmet. This breakthrough, facilitated by the integration of a 3D printed carbon fibre structure, allows Kask’s engineers to optimize ventilation by enlarging internal channels and reducing the size of ventilation holes, resulting in improved airflow and enhanced aerodynamics.

The Multipod system, a specially designed 3D printed structure integrated into the Elemento’s internal padding, is a direct outcome of Kask’s rigorous Rotational Impact WG11 Test. By incorporating this elastomer material, the helmet gains remarkable resilience against linear and rotational impacts. Its isotropic properties ensure consistent performance, regardless of the direction of force applied. As a testament to its outstanding safety standards, the Elemento has achieved a five-star review from Virginia Tech’s comprehensive test assessing helmets’ response to linear and rotational impacts.

Beyond its exceptional safety features, the Elemento boasts other advanced technologies. The Octofit+ helmet adjustment system ensures a personalized fit, while the “Pro” chinstrap, identical to the one used by INEOS Grenadiers, guarantees optimal stability. Additionally, the helmet incorporates a reflective graphic on the back, enhancing rider visibility, and employs merino wool internal padding alongside the 3D printed carbon fibre structure for unparalleled comfort and thermoregulation.

The Elemento, with its revolutionary 3D printed carbon fibre structure, is now available for purchase with a recommended retail price (RRP) of £335, offering cyclists an opportunity to elevate their performance and protection with this state-of-the-art helmet from Kask.

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