New Kickstarter: LvL 2 by Strojtools brings major Prusa Printer Upgrades

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Before and After upgrade pics of Prusa printers
Before and After upgrade pics of Prusa printers/Source: Strojtools

Strojtools, a professional manufacturer of prototypes for the automotive industry, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a significant set of improvements they have developed for the Prusa company’s ‘Most Popular’ hobby 3D printers! LvL 2 by Strojtools, are Prusa printer upgrades, mainly for Prusa MINI and Prusa MINI+ 3D printers and allows owners of Prusa Mini printers to upgrade to a professional level and print with almost no deflection.

The Strojtools team is made up of die-hard 3D printing enthusiasts who are driving the development of these upgrades as well as the campaign.

With these upgrades, you can also turn your hobby printer into a professional printer.

Need for Prusa Printer Upgrades?

Prusa Mini 3D printer
Prusa Mini 3D printer/Source: Prusa3D

Strojtools enthusiasts are constantly working on 3D printers as part of their primary job is to produce stamped prototype parts for the automotive industry. As a result, they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in operating and managing various types of 3D printers. Furthermore, several team members owned the popular Prusa Mini 3D printer, and they all seemed to notice the 3D printer’s inaccuracy.

Unlike most people, who would simply replace the printer, these enthusiastic engineers took matters into their own hands and began developing a set of improvements that would enhance the already outstanding Prusa Mini and Mini+. With all of the resources at their disposal, the team decided to develop upgrades that would eliminate the printer’s inaccuracies.

This eventually led to the development of the Lvl 2 By Strojtools set, which achieves significant improvements in printing accuracy for the hobby printer Prusa Mini by combining printed components and a stiffener made of strength dural. It easily handles the printing of components that require absolute precision. The added value includes not only the previously mentioned ACCURACY, but also CAREFULNESS as a result of vibration damping and better-controlled adjustment of the X-axis head.

LvL 2 by Strojtools – Upgraded Prusa Mini Printer

Completely upgraded Prusa Mini
Completely upgraded Prusa Mini/Source: Strojtools

The LvL 2 by Strojtools set is divided into two parts. Strojtools parts can be printed on your printer using the supplied data, and firm parts will be mailed to you. The unique stiffener for the X axis made of special strength dural, which Strojtools produces on serial machines intended for the automotive industry due to its main activity in the production of prototype parts, is the main part of the sent parts. That is how it can ensure extremely high quality while avoiding the need to invest in the purchase of new expensive machines.

LvL 2 improvement parts
LvL 2 improvement parts/Source: Strojtools

Your Prusa Mini will benefit greatly from the Lvl2 set. Looking through the technical window, we can see that this solution provides:

  1. Precise ADJUSTMENT of the X, Y, and Z axes,
  2. Higher ACCURACY of the printed parts,
  3. Reduced VIBRATION,
  4. Increased LOAD BEARING CAPACITY of the X axis,
  5. Improved SURFACE of the printed parts,
  6. The set PROTECTS the X axis from damage, impact, and falling, and finally,
  7. The advantage of Lvl2 is easy assembly and quick setup.

Strojtools Heat Beds

Strojtools Heat Beds
Strojtools Heat Beds/Source: Strojtools

Strojtools simultaneously introduces a broader range of heat beds than is currently available on the market. The package includes two bifacial, perforated heat beds for Prusa MINI and MINI+ printers (180 x 180 mm), as well as Prusa I3 MK3S and MK3S+ printers (230 x 210 mm) both weighing 150 grams and 200 grams respectively.

Because of their textured surface, these pads have a nearly infinite lifetime and effective adhesion to the vast majority of printed materials. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign includes honeycomb and brick wall patterns.

However, it is also possible to make them with a unique texture based on the customer’s specifications, which is then transferred to the printed part.

Supporting the Campaign!

Lvl 2 set early bird price
Lvl 2 set early bird prices/Source: Strojtools

If you’re a Prusa user, or better yet, a ‘Prusa Fan,’ these new upgrades are made for you. These will take your Prusa to the next level without the need to replace your printer; simply upgrade your Prusa and continue to use it. You can help the LvL 2 upgrades by making a donation to their Kickstarter campaign.

Strojtools’ goal is to share this unique user improvement with you via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which has already exceeded 200% of its goal, and thus enable all 3D printing enthusiasts to upgrade their printers with the LvL 2 by Strojtools set, as well as their products and prints, just as if they were printed on superior printers.

You only have about 30 days to show your love and support for the product. So don’t miss out!

About Strojtools: Strojtools is a group of 3D printing enthusiasts! The core business of our company is the production of pressed prototypes and development parts, primarily for the automotive industry. So that’s why we are called Strojtools – Stroj means machine in Czech. We fell in love with 3D printing because we love developing new tools and other staff. As a result, we did not hesitate to improve our hobby 3D printers when the opportunity arose. Now we would like to offer you our improvements and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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