Kolkata-based MELT Launches “ProDesk” – A One-Stop Low Volume Production Solution for Startups and SMEs

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Kolkata-based MELT, a rapidly growing additive manufacturing services provider announced that it has launched a new low volume product development package for startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Known as ProDesk, in this new low volume production package, MELT makes use of 3D printing technology to produce high-quality products in a short interval of time.

This new package is a one-stop low volume production solution for companies such as startups and SMEs who wish to test their products and launch them in low volume within a specific deadline.

How ProDesk Service Package Works?

The ProDesk Package works in three stages:

  • Product Design
  • Product Validation
  • Low Volume Production

Product Design

3D Printing Technology

Above: A Product in the design phase/Image Credit: MELT

In this stage, MELT converts ideas of companies into professional industrial design using 3D CAD software packages. Based on the usability and application of the idea, designers at MELT suggest various options that help add value to the product.

Product Validation

3D Printing Technology

Above: Product being Validated/Image Credit: MELT

Once a company finalizes the design, MELT validates the product using rough 3D printed models to show the exact design and placement, fastening and supports in the product. In this stage, MELT performs various iterations based on different factors such as material selection, rigidity, strength, application and provides a final specs sheet. This specs sheet contains all the various details of the product to be produced.

Low Volume Production

3D Printing Technology

Above: Products produced in Low Volume at MELT/Image Credit: MELT

Once the final design and model is approved, MELT signs terms for production based on quantity and time. During this stage, the customer receives regular updates about the production process. It is during this stage that the customer may even ask for any modification in case there are any changes in the product design without hindering the production process. As MELT allows its customers to make changes to product design even during the production phase, it allows its customers to have high levels of flexibility in their production and at the same time save costs even when there are any last-minute changes in the product design.

ProDesk: The One-Stop Low Volume Production Solution for Startups and SMEs

MELT’s ProDesk low volume production solution is ideal for startup/ company/individual who is looking to launch a new product in small batches or for those who believe that the design of their product might keep on changing at times. This is mainly because; it offers numerous benefits which include:

  1. Reduction in Overall Cost of Production

Since MELT uses 3D printing technology, it helps companies especially startups and SMEs to reduce the overall cost of production without compromising the quality of products.

  1. High Amounts of Flexibility

The use of 3D printing technology offers a great amount of flexibility to companies as it allows companies to change the design at any moment of time without hindering the on-going production. For example, the use of 3D printing technology eliminates the use of the tool and die design thereby giving startups and SMEs the freedom to make any last minute changes to design and production.

  1. Wide Range of Materials

Another advantage of MELT’s ProDesk service package is that MELT offers a wide range of materials. This gives an opportunity for companies to produce products in the kind of materials which they think is best suitable for their product.

  1. High Quality

MELT’s post-processing options guarantee products which are of high quality or which can be used directly by the end-user.

  1. Affordability

The most common problem that startups and SMEs face are that of finance. However, since MELT uses 3D printing technology for low volume production, it eliminates additional costs that such companies may incur due to changes in design. This greatly makes the service highly affordable for startups and SMEs.

  1. Support

MELT offers endless support to its customers even after the service term ceases. This allows MELT to offer high levels of customer satisfaction to its clients.

The ProDesk package is already extended to a number of MELT’s existing clients and the response has been outstanding. Many of these companies have successfully launched their products as per their small batch production requirements.

MELT is now growing its footprint in other prominent cities like Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and others to help companies with their production needs through ProDesk.

About MELT: Based in Kolkata, India, Melt is a rapidly growing additive manufacturing services company. Using additive manufacturing as a tool, MELT designs and develops products and prototypes in almost all industrial sectors ranging from Home automation, IoT to Healthcare and Medical.

(Disclaimer: All the statements and claims in the above article are made by the service offering company MELT. The article should not be viewed as a substitute for professional advice. This article does not seek to create any business-client relationship.)

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