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Linköping University to install Wematter’s Gravity SLS 3D Printer for engaging students with additive manufacturing

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Gravity SLS 3D Printing Ecosystem
Above: Wematter Gravity SLS 3D Printing Ecosystem/Image Source: Wematter

Wematter, manufacturer of the Gravity SLS 3D printing ecosystem, continues to expand in the education sector by signing an agreement with the Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden. The university’s students will have access to Wematter’s Gravity SLS 3D printer along with associated equipment and software.

The purpose of the University’s investment is to expand opportunities for manufacturing methods in various engineering disciplines. In addition, the University sees an opportunity to carry out research into 3D printing polymers and composite materials. Wematter is looking forward to a long-term and fruitful collaboration, where the parties can jointly explore and advance the development of additive manufacturing.

“The fact that we are signing an agreement with another high-quality university shows that additive manufacturing has a strong future. Linköping University has the drive and vision to always provide its students with the best opportunities for study combined with the leading-edge technology. Therefore, we are particularly proud that they now offer their students the opportunity to engage with additive manufacturing via Wematter’s Gravity SLS 3D printer.”

– Jens Gabrielsson, Marketing and Sales Manager at Wematter

Gravity SLS 3D Printer

Wematter Gravity SLS 3D printer
Above: Wematter Gravity SLS 3D printer/Image Source: Wematter

Wematter’s Gravity SLS 3D printer brings product development right at the office space. It is an easy to use printer that relies on automation making SLS more accessible. This printer produces highly reliable and strong parts.

Wematter was founded, with a clear ambition to develop a system that is as easy to handle as FDM-printers, with the same capabilities as SLS with comparable strength to conventional manufacturing. The result is Wematter Gravity SLS 3D printer that produces production-quality components and unique powder handling that enables manufacturing in the office.

Appreciating Sustainable and Future Technologies

Wematter is proud that tomorrow’s engineers and other professionals will learn about Wematter’s systems even before they enter the job market. Jonas Detterfelt, a senior lecturer and in the Department of Economic and Industrial Development (IEI) and vice-chancellor at Linköping University, where he teaches and conducts research in design methodology and product development, expressed his views saying, “We look forward to getting started with Gravity and its equipment in the classrooms once delivery and training has taken place in the autumn. At Linköping University, we value sustainability and future technology, which Wematter exemplifies. Wematter was the company that best met our requirements when we procured additive manufacturing equipment for our lab.”

“I am proud that Wematter will be part of one of Sweden’s largest university engineering programs. Linköping University has an incredibly high quality in all its programs and graduates students with top grades every year. We hope that future engineers, designers, and other professionals will see Wematter as a natural part of their professional practice thanks to the knowledge of additive manufacturing and the SLS 3D printer Gravity that is acquired during their studies.”

– Robert Kniola, founder, and CEO of Wematter

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