Liqcreate releases new Flame Retardant HDT 3D printing resin for engineering applications

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New Flame Retardant HDT 3D printing resin
New Flame Retardant HDT 3D printing resin/Source: Liqcreate

Liqcreate, the Dutch independent 3D printing material manufacturer, has announced the development of Flame Retardant HDT 3D printing resin for engineering applications. This new engineering 3D printing resin is the company’s latest addition to its resin portfolio.

Aside from its low cost, the resin distinguishes itself by its high temperature resistance and UL94 V0 flammability rating. This one-of-a-kind rating is critical for a variety of engineering, mobility, consumer goods, and electronics applications.

Flame Retardant HDT 3D Printing Resin

Official release video of the new resin/Source: Liqcreate/YouTube

Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT is a highly rigid off-white photopolymer resin that can be processed on the majority of resin-based 3D printers. This resin is compatible with 3D printing systems that use Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), and lasers that operate in the 385-420nm range. The Liqcreate website has 3D printing parameters for a variety of printers.

Because of its self-extinguishing properties, parts made with Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT resin can withstand high temperatures without posing a fire hazard. It is ideal for high-temperature applications due to its HDT-B value of 257°C / 495°F. Furthermore, with its UL94 V0 rating, it is appropriate for applications such as interior parts in cars, airplanes, trains, and electronic devices. It is also suitable for tooling manufacturing aids, connector housings, and covers.

Resin uses in aviation and mobility applications

Liqcreate HDT 3D printing resin use in aviation applications
Liqcreate HDT 3D printing resin use in aviation applications/Source: Liqcreate

The UL94 organisation tested Liqcreate Flame Retardant HDT resin and confirmed in their report that the product has the following flammability rating: At 3mm, UL94 V0 is used. Furthermore, Liqcreate performed an internal test method guided by FAR 25.853 testing methods, resulting in a pass at 1.5mm thickness. These tests provide a solid foundation for future application development in the aviation and mobility sectors. Additional tests may be required to ensure full compliance with FAR 25.853 in aviation or EN-45545 in train parts. These extra requirements can be discussed and investigated with a Liqcreate representative.

OEM possibilities for Flame retardant resin

Liqcreate HDT 3D printing resin use case
Liqcreate HDT 3D printing resin use case/Source: Liqcreate

Flame Retardant HDT resin can be re-branded and optimised for different use cases and 3D printers for OEM partners. In addition to its branded resins, Liqcreate offers a custom development service, offering non-standard formulas for specific applications. Customers can use this service to request the development of a polymer with specific properties that affect its printing speed as well as the properties of the resulting part.

Liqcreate, as an independent resin manufacturer with R&D capabilities, is capable of rapidly scaling its production of custom-made resins as needed. Furthermore, the company’s independence ensures that there is little competition or conflict when working with 3D printer hardware manufacturers. This ensures that the company can work quickly and get resins to market in large quantities, avoiding any issues or delays that would keep customers waiting.       

Customers interested in learning more about Liqcreate’s material portfolio, including the new Flame Retardant HDT photopolymer 3D printing resin, can do so by visiting the Liqcreate website or contacting a Liqcreate representative or dealer.

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