Liqcreate expands Dental Resin Portfolio with Gingiva Mask

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Dental Resin
Above: Liqcreate Gingiva Mask Photopolymer Resin/Image Source: Liqcreate

Dutch 3D printing material manufacturer Liqcreate has announced the launch of a new dental-oriented photopolymer resin Liqcreate Gingiva Mask, making its current dental portfolio complete for the most used 3D printed dental applications. 

Liqcreate Gingiva Mask is a pink colored photopolymer. It is a soft and flexible material that can be used in combination with Liqcreate Dental Model Pro Beige or Grey material. The resin was developed and designed together with dental professionals to meet the high standers in this industry. Gingiva Mask opens the possibility to create the soft parts for highly precise models, bridges and implant superstructures. Liqcreate Gingiva Mask is easy to use on open MSLA / LCD, DLP and SLA 3D-printers in the range of 385 – 420nm. With its soft and flexible properties, it is perfect for the production of gum parts and soft tissue which supports dental implant models and C&B projects.

With this new resin Liqcreate creates a great portfolio for prosthodontic and orthodontic applications. In addition, it is becoming a well-positioned player in the dental 3D industry. 

Liqcreate’s Growing Resin Portfolio

Based in The Netherlands, Liqcreate’s expertise lies in the formulation of SLA, MSLA, LCD and DLP polymers for use within the industrial, consumer goods, medical, dental, jewellery, aerospace and automotive industries. While the firm’s offering already addresses the need for a broad range of prototyping, engineering and industrial applications, over the last four years, it has begun to rapidly build on its product portfolio and expanding its network.

Just last year, the company launched 5 different resins (Premium Tough, Premium Flex, Tough-X, Flexible-X & Wax Castable) for the engineering, dental and jewellery industry. This year it is no different, in January 2021 they introduced a ceramic-infused material called Composite-X with impressive characteristics like ultra-rigid 9000 Mpa modules and high flexural strength 170Mpa properties. In addition, launched two new dental model materials (Dental Model Pro Grey & Beige) in early summer and are now the introduction of Gingiva Mask. 

Liqcreate is not only expanding its portfolio but also increasing its network of distributors and partners in serval different countries. The company entered serval new markets like Australia, Canada, Russia and the Balkan area. In addition setting up strategic partnerships with large printer manufacturers like UnionTech, Asiga and many more.

3D printed resin
Above: Ginigiva Mask use case/Image Source: Liqcreate

R&D Developments

Besides the new materials launched this year, Liqcreate continues to innovate in the resin industry with R&D projects ranging in the medical and industrial applications. With an innovative and dynamic team of chemists and technical minded engineers, Liqcreate is setting a new standard for engineering and industrial products.

Liqcreate is working together with industry-leading companies in the field of automotive and engineering to bring new 3D-printed products and parts to the market. Companies reduce time to market and have a faster design to manufacturing when switching from conventional product design to 3D printing. Due to Liqcreate’s independent manufacturing capabilities and R&D facilities, it can offer a quick go-to-market solution that allows customers to quickly cover the demand currently needed.

In the field of small volume and custom equipment for the manufacturing industry, Liqcreate supports companies by introducing new materials like Composite-X and custom developments. Soft materials like Flexible-X are used by these manufacturers in End of arm tooling, reducing lead times and increasing time-to-market with their solutions. 3D printing paves the path to designs that can’t be manufactured in any other way.

The medical and dental industry embraced resin 3D printing many years ago. Liqcreate is supporting this industry with current custom developments in anti-microbial 3D-printing resin and partnerships with leading dental experts.

Next to working closely with application specialists, Liqcreate partners with leading 3D printer manufacturers and is specialized in optimizing resins specifically for a 3D printer to yield extreme build speed while still maintaining quality.

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