Make3D announces the release of EKA XL – A New Mid-range DLP 3D Printer

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Make3D’s EKA XL DLP 3D printer
Make3D’s EKA XL DLP 3D printer/Source: Make3D

Make3D, an Indian 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the release of the EKA XL, a mid-range DLP 3D printer for the jewellery industry. EKA XL is intended for use in jewellery, statues, and miniatures. It’s a low-cost version of Make3D’s Eka HT.

The Eka XL machine incorporates cutting-edge heating glass tray technology from Make3D. This novel feature involves heating the glass tray, which aids in maintaining the proper thickness and viscosity of the resin. When the resin has the proper viscosity, it adheres to the build plate better, lowering suction forces within the tray. This combination of features results in a more reliable and smooth 3D printing process.

EKA XL DLP 3D Printer

EKA XL DLP 3D printer can print with castable and non-castable resins
EKA XL DLP 3D printer can print with castable and non-castable resins/Source: Make3D

The Eka XL has a build volume of 125x70x140 mm, a layer resolution of 48 microns in X and Y, and a layer resolution of 20-70 microns in Z. The UV light source has a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours. Eka XL accepts input in the STL and DPF file formats.

The printer weighs 40 kilograms and is 400x380x790 millimeters in size. It is outfitted with a CNC anodized print head.

The Eka XL 3D printer is extremely adaptable. It can work with two types of resins:

  • Castable Resins: These are used to create items such as jewellery and dental models that will later be cast in metal. It’s similar to creating a mould for something special.
  • Non-Castable Resins: These are useful for a wide range of applications, from prototypes to sculptures and engineering parts. They’re the all-purpose choice.
Jewellery samples printed in EKA XL DLP 3D printer
Jewellery samples printed in EKA XL DLP 3D printer/Source: Make3D

Make3D includes several free accessories with the Eka XL printer, including a UV curing oven, one resin tray, 500 grams of non-castable resin, onsite training, and shipping with insurance. Make3D also provides genuine licenced software for machine operation and slicing which comes with lifetime validity and updates.

Make3D’s DLP 3D printers excel at producing detailed jewellery items such as rings, bracelets, earrings, and bangles, with tolerances of as little as 0.2 mm. The Eka XL is also adaptable, with the ability to create moulds, sculptures, engineering parts, and prototypes.

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