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MakerBot Introduces its new Clean Air™ Filtration System

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MakerBot Clean Air™ Smart Filtration System
Above: MakerBot Clean Air™ Smart Filtration System/Image Source: MakerBot

MakerBot, a Stratasys company, introduced its new Clean Air™ System – a smart filtration system. The new system is part of MakerBot’s continued efforts to develop and deliver 3D printing solutions that support industry safety, sustainability, and compliance practices.

New system seamlessly integrates into the METHOD 3D printer’s intuitive workflow by automatically controlling the filtration process

MakerBot Clean Air™ System

Above: Makerbot Smart HEPA Filtration used with MakerBot METHOD/Image Source: MakerBot

The MakerBot Clean Air™ System is a smart-controlled HEPA filtration system for the MakerBot METHOD® and MakerBot METHOD X® 3D printers.

The MakerBot Clean Air™ System includes a HEPA filter designed to filter ultra-fine particles during the printing process. Internal testing at MakerBot shows that the MakerBot Clean Air System removes up to 95% of ultra-fine particles compared to printing without the accessory.

The system seamlessly integrates into METHOD’s intuitive workflow by automatically controlling the HEPA lid and accounting for ambient conditions, chamber temperature, and model material.

Work Safely with HEPA Filtration

Safety in the workplace is our priority.  Clean Air™ utilizes top of the line HEPA filtration to remove Ultra Fine Particles (UFPs) from the air – leaving your environment as clean – if not cleaner than it was before.

Smart Control

Clean Air plugs directly into METHOD’s on board computer allowing it to be throttled up or down depending on material and chamber temperature providing optimal environmental conditions both inside the build chamber and out.

Easy Change

When it’s time to replace your filters, MakerBot Clean Air™ System will let you know through your METHOD 3D printer’s touch display. Easily slide the old filter out and slide a new one in – no tools required.

“We are committed to being world-class in safety as we advance 3D printing’s use worldwide. From meeting industry certifications to delivering 3D printing solutions that support safety, our goal is always to exceed global industry benchmarks.”

– Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot

The METHOD, METHOD X and SKETCH™ 3D printers already come equipped with several safety features. Each printer features enclosed build chambers, which will prevent users from being able to touch the parts or extruder when printing. METHOD will automatically pause during the printing process when its chamber door is opened. SKETCH also features a built-in particulate filter designed for safer printing in school environments.

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