MetaFold Increased funding by $1.78 million for 3D printing

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MetaFold Increased funding by $1.78 million
MetaFold Increased funding by $1.78 million/ Source: MetaFold

Early investment of $1.78 million has been secured by the cloud- and API-based 3D engineering platform provider Metafold. This funding will be used to expedite the general use of 3D printing in the industrial sector. Differential Ventures played the role of lead investor for this round of funding, which also included contributions from Active Impact Investments, Jetstream, and Standup Ventures.

Metafold has created a platform that utilizes a geometry computation engine to assist the design and optimization of complex components. This was done in an effort to bridge the gap that exists between the capabilities of 3D printing hardware and the software that is currently available.

It is anticipated that the approach will contribute to the development of sustainability by decreasing the amount of raw materials used in the manufacture of products while simultaneously boosting the level of productivity attained by those goods. This will have the dual effect of increasing the level of productivity reached by those goods. Because of the money you’ve contributed, we will at last be able to solve the geometrical issues that have impeded widespread adoption of 3D printing. This will bring us one step closer to achieving our goal. The use of Metafold has proved extremely helpful to a wide variety of various businesses, including the biotechnology sector and the sports goods sector.

MetaFold develops Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) cloud-based software/Source: MetaFold

According to David Magerman, founding partner of Differential Ventures, the technology that is being developed by Metafold would “change the game” when it comes to creating and visualizing complicated structures in 3D printing, making it feasible to create designs that were previously unachievable.

Metafold software solution for sustainability

Desktop CAD and CAE software has traditionally been built for traditional industrial methods, necessitating expensive, high-performance workstations for engineers. While this was happening, 3D printing opened up new possibilities for innovation with complicated shapes that couldn’t be made using traditional methods. The disparity between 3D printing technology and the software needed to fully realize its promise has stymied its broad adoption and use in industrial settings.

Metafold has developed what it calls a “ultraprecise, lightning-fast geometry computation engine” in order to build precise 3D printing designs for things with a high level of complexity. Metafold is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows design and engineering teams to quickly and easily generate optimal components using the Metafold web application or by leveraging the Metafold Engine API to develop their own bespoke tools and integrations.

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This can all be done from the comfort of the user’s preferred device, which is made possible by Metafold. With the support of Metafold’s complete geometry assistance, manufacturers may help their clients accomplish their sustainability goals in a number of ways, including reducing the amount of raw material they use and producing lighter, more energy-efficient parts for their products.

According to Dr. Elissa Ross, co-founder and CEO of Metafold as well as a mathematician, “Sustainability in manufacturing is ultimately driven by two factors—improving the material consumption of existing fabrication methods and designing for optimality over the lifetime use of manufactured goods.” This statement was made by Dr. Ross. The use of 3D printing is already accomplishing these goals, and with the right digital infrastructure, it has the potential to have an even greater impact. We are pleased to have the backing of investors who see the economic and environmental significance of extending our cutting-edge manufacturing technique.

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