Mosaic Manufacturing Unveils Palette 2 Ecosystem to enable High Quality Multi-Material, Multi-Colour 3D Printing

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Canada-based Mosaic Manufacturing recently announced that it has launched a multi-material, multi-colour 3D printing ecosystem which includes Palette 2, Palette 2 Pro, CANVAS Hub and the CANVAS Multi-Material Software Platform. The entire ecosystem is designed to facilitate multi-colour, multi-material 3D printing.

Palette 2

The newly launched Palette 2 contains some additional features than some of the company’s previous devices namely Palette and Palette+ which the company launched back in July 2017. Priced at $499, the new Palette 2 is easier to set-up, offers more reliable printing and better performance.

The Palette 2 features the company’s patent pending solid-state splicing technology – modular Splice Core – which can heat ten times faster and use up to 30 times less energy. This solid-state splicer technology not only leads to improved slicing reliability, but also allows for different types of filaments to be more reliably used together in a single print.

Multi-Material Desktop 3D Printing

Above: The Palette 2 Mounted on a Makergear M3 3D Printer/Image Credit: Mosaic Manufacturing

The ecosystem also allows enhanced communication. For instance, the company has introduced CANVAS Hub, which ties Palette 2 to the 3D printer allowing the machines to communicate with each other along with the CANVAS multi-material software platform for printing via WiFi. This communication ensures that the Palette 2 stays in sync with the 3D printer at all times.

The newly launched devices from Mosaic Manufacturing are also easier to control and maintain. For example, the company has included new, colour touchscreen which allows users to interact with Palettes more easily. This screen gives users the ability to control aspects of Palette 2 and monitor the print job.

Palette 2 Pro

Multi-Material Desktop 3D Printing

Above: Palette 2 Pro with stand/Image Credit: Mosaic Manufacturing

Apart from Palette 2, the company also unveiled Palette 2 Pro which it has slightly optimised for professionals who tend to print with larger, faster 3D printers. The Palette 2 Pro is ideal for those whose printer bed is larger than 30cm in any dimension or plan to use the 3D printer for industrial purposes.

Multi-Material Desktop 3D Printing

Above: Palette 2 Pro Splice Core Pro/Image Credit: Mosaic Manufacturing

The Palette 2 Pro features Splice Core Pro made out of aircraft-grade aluminium. It is specifically designed for durability & performance. The premium internal components manufactured with thermal characteristics in mind, allow the Splice Core Pro to heat up and cool down 20% faster than the Palette 2 Splice Core. The Splice Core Pro is only compatible with the Palette 2 Pro.

Palette 2 Pro is accompanied with a 12 month extended warranty or 50,000 splices and a vast array of additional components. Lastly, Palette 2 Pro also comes with an extra-large Teflon guide tube for use with larger printers.

Palette 2 Benefit

The Palette 2 offers significant benefits to its customers over the previous model.

Simpler Setup

Learning from the negative feedback received on the Palette+ regards the setup time and tuning to get successful results, Palette 2 comes with a learning algorithm which improves performance and quality over each print. It has eliminated the tedious initial calibration.

Palette 2 can be mounted directly onto the 3D printer.

More Reliable Printing

While Palette and Palette + were used as extra accessories to a printer and was more of a hardware to hardware connection, the company’s Canvas Hub enables a connection between the Palette 2 and the 3D printer. This helps both the machines to communicate with each other through WiFi.

Better Performance

Based on three years of feedback and experience, both the new products have been developed specifically to significantly improve performance over its predecessors. The new Splice Cores use a patent-pending solid-state technology resulting in a better output.

Runout Detection and Correction

Multi-Material Desktop 3D Printing

Above: Palette 2 Runout Detection & Correction/Image Credit: Mosaic Manufacturing

An important feature to be added in the Palette 2 and Palette 2 Pro is the runout detection sensor missing from the previous versions.

Better Control & Simpler to Maintain

Mosaic manufacturing have worked really well over the user-interface and the new colour touchscreen makes the perfect addition to its numerous design modifications. This touchscreen gives users the ability to control all aspects of Palette 2 and monitor the print job as it progresses. Colour gradient prints can be achieved in addition to other print modes.

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