MX3D Launches the All New Metal AM System

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MX3D Launches the All New Metal AM System
The New Metal AM System/ Source: Robotics 24*7

The MX Metal AM System is the second turnkey robotic metal AM system released by MX3D, an Amsterdam firm specialising in Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (i.e. WAAM or Wire-Arc DED), and is designed for 3D printing bigger certified metal products. On August 28th, the system will be unveiled at Formnext Forum Austin.

The full rig comprises a high-productivity power source, an 8-axis industrial robot, and MX3D’s round-the-clock automation suite. The MX Metal AM System can produce components weighing up to five tons because to its many adjustable build plates and 2-axis positioner. The printer is controlled by MetalXL, the newest version of MX3D’s proprietary workflow software, which has been improved by adding productivity tools, interactive sensors, and closed-loop operations. The ultimate goal is to improve the capability of fully automated, around-the-clock production of high-quality metal components for industrial use.

Several of our clients are interested in expanding WAAM to larger components. Gijs van der Velden, CEO of MX3D, predicts that 3D printed parts in the energy and maritime industries will replace massive casted or forged components to reduce lead time, costs, and offshore manufacture of crucial parts. Customers have been asking us for a machine that can print significantly bigger components ever since we introduced MetalXL Metal AM System and the M1. In response to this need, MX Metal AM System was created. Customers may now print certified metal components in sizes up to several tonnes, allowing for faster round-the-clock automation and improved performance.

Structure of the New MX Metal AM System

The new system has a high-productivity power source, an 8-axis heavy-duty industrial robotic configuration, and the MX3D 24/7 automation suite as its primary components. All components are thoroughly included with the most recent release of MX3D’s in-house developed end-to-end workflow software and control system MetalXL, which is the 4.0 edition of the package with all available enhancements.

This most recent iteration of MX3D’s MetalXL Metal AM System workflow software and control system offers a variety of new productivity tools, dynamic sensors, and active closed-loop printing processes to take fully-autonomous, round-the-clock printing of certified industrial metal components to the next level.

MX3D Launches the All New Metal AM System
MX3D’ New Metal 3D Printer Launch/ Source: Industry News

Printing larger-scale metal components was one of the reasons that led to the creation of the MX Metal AM System, which was created in response to demands from a variety of industrial clients operating in the energy, manufacturing, and maritime industries.

Casting and forging large-scale industrial metal components in isolated places is a typical practise, as is the fabrication of these parts by limited welding professionals. Because of the problems that exist in the supply chain at the moment, this results in extended lead times, which in turn increases downtime and the accompanying operational expenses to excessive levels.

Future of WAAM

The energy, marine, military, and aerospace sectors are just a few examples of growing markets for WAAM’s ability to efficiently produce vast quantities of high-value metal parts at low cost. In Northwest Europe, MX3D is among the most well-known WAAM machine producers. In the lesser end of the industry, however, it faces competition from a number of firms throughout the world. These include Meltio/ADDiTEC in Spain and Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies in the United States and the United Kingdom (supported by Nikon). Large-scale options include Sciaky in the United States and AML3D in Australia.

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So, MX3D is an important regional producer while also filling a niche that spans both ends of the spectrum. The second tendency is more essential as reshoring occurs all over the world, while the former is necessary for developing the world of WAAM and directed energy deposition more generally. Given the current state of supply chain resilience, it is less vital to win the global market than it is to satisfy the demands of local enterprises and governments. Thus, it may be sufficient to guarantee MX3D’s success of Metal AM System if it becomes the de facto WAAM solution across Northwestern Europe.

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