Nano Dimension Introduces DragonFly LDM for Uninterrupted 24/7 3D Printing of Electronics

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Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading additive electronics provider for electronics, introduced its new DragonFly Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) printing technology, the industry’s only comprehensive additive manufacturing platform which allows for 365 days of uninterrupted 3D printing capabilities. 

DragonFly LDM

Above: DragonFly LDM 3D printing system is deployed at Munich premises of HENSOLDT/Image Credit: Nano Dimension

The first installation of the new system took place at Munich premises of HENSOLDT, a global defence & security pioneer & electronics provider. The DragonFly LDM 3D printer is built upon its earlier award-winning DragonFly Pro version which is dedicated to printing electronic components such as multilayer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), antennas, capacitors and sensors. The

The unique DragonFly LDM system is designed for Industry 4.0 and manufacturing for the Internet of Things.

Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) Technology

DragonFly LDM 3D printing system

Above: DragonFly Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) is a manufacturing technology/Image Credit: Nano Dimension

Nano Dimension’s new Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) is a manufacturing methodology in which systems run with little to no human intervention. This means that DragonFly users can 3D print functioning electronic circuitry faster than ever before extending their capabilities and increasing opportunities for short-run, small volume manufacturing of printed electronics.

DragonFly LDM 3D printing system

Above: Simultaneous multi-material additive manufacturing of Printed Electronics/Image Credit: Nano Dimension

The DragonFly LDM™ is fitted with two printheads, one for nano-Silver conductive ink and the other for dielectric polymer ink. This set-up allows the DragonFly LDM™ to concurrently print with both advanced inks in a single print job.

DragonFly LDM inkjet deposition system is setting new precision standards for 3D printed electronics., making it ideal for industries with the most demanding design and quality requirements, such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare and more.

It allows for simultaneous multi-material additive manufacturing approach that helps redefine the electronics of tomorrow for attributes including density, size and flexibility. The new advanced printer head software management algorithms with an automatic self-cleaning of its print heads every few hours. The new system is equipped with real-time automatic material monitoring capabilities that ensure maximized runtime. The new technology minimizes the frequency and duration of scheduled downtime to typically just one weekly maintenance operation.

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Speaking about the DragonFly LDM system, Andreas Salomon, project leader for 3D printed electronics at HENSOLDT said, “The DragonFly LDM is a necessary evolutionary setup up from the DragonFly Pro, enabling low-volume manufacturing of electronic circuits fast and easy to do in-house, with minimal operator time. It will be a great addition for Hensoldt, enabling us to develop innovative applications faster and with far better machine availability and lower maintenance than ever before.”

CEO and co-founder of Nano Dimension, Amit Dror said, “The DragonFly LDM is designed to help our customers prepare for Industry 4.0 and stay competitive in a world that demands electronic devices with increasingly sophisticated features. Like its predecessor, the DragonFly Pro, it’s the first of its kind on the market, carefully designed for both ease-of-use and even more agile, faster and affordable 3D printing of functional circuitry. We’re confident that the LDM system will provide best in class additive manufacturing of printed electronics on the market, making it possible for companies to be more innovative, improve productivity and reliability, lower costs and reduce time-to-market.”

The DragonFly LDM is already available through Nano Dimension’s global sales channel. In Germany, the launch of the DragonFly LDM was already initiated by Nano Dimension’s reseller, Phytec New Dimension.

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