nano3Dprint releases upgraded A2200 3D Multi-Material Electronics Printer

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  • nano3Dprint, a next-generation additive manufacturing solutions provider, today announced the release of its upgraded A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer.
The nano3Dprint A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer
The A2200 Multi-material Electronics 3D Printer/Source: nano3Dprint

nano3Dprint, a provider of next-generation additive manufacturing solutions, has announced the release of its upgraded A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer. The improved A2200 has a sleeker design, a more compact materials dispensing print head, an improved ink/paste dispensing mechanism, and an improved built-in video system with better clarity and higher magnification.

The A2200’s side-by-side precision filament extruder and enhanced materials dispensing system print fused deposition modelling (FDM) materials such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polylactic acid (PLA) alongside functional inks and pastes such as silver, gold, and copper. The high-precision positive displacement print head can precisely metre functional inks ranging in viscosity from 1mPas to 54000 mPas.

nano3Dprint A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer

The upgraded A2200 3D printer’s FDM Extruder prints 1.75 mm filament materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG, nylon (PA), PC, POM, flexible filament (TPU, PLA+), and Moldlay (cartable filament). The Materials Dispensing System, a micro-dispenser with a syringe pump, 3D prints inks and higher viscosity pastes such as conductive inks/pastes, semiconducting and insulating inks/pastes, medical grade silicone, UV curable polymers, epoxies, fast-drying solvent-based inks, silver nano-particle inks, and graphene solutions.

The redesigned materials dispensing print head allows for 30% faster print speeds, while the upgraded printer allows for 10% more precise paste and ink metering.

The A2200 camera has been upgraded to include a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor with 1080p or 720p resolution that can be adjusted on the user’s computer, as well as auto-focus capabilities via the user’s preferred camera app. The previous version of the A2200’s camera had a 0.3 megapixel CMOS sensor with 480p resolution. Users can fine-tune and monitor the accuracy of their 3D designs by viewing them print in real-time on their computer or phone.

The A2200 prints fully 3D objects embedded with functional materials, allowing for a variety of solutions.

“The A2200 can produce circuit boards, batteries, sensors, antennas, medical devices, solar cells, flexible electronics, conductors and microfluidics. Our direct-write technology can incorporate strain gauges, heaters, complex antenna geometries and optical components in a 3D print.”

– Gretta Perlmutter, Product Success Manager, nano3Dprint

Perlmutter added, “The A2200 also works in tandem with our B3300 Dual-Dispensing 3D Printer. Together they can create an electronics assembly line with four-plus materials for R&D, rapid prototyping, and low-volume manufacturing.”

The A2200 printer costs $4,950 and is compatible with most CAD or Slicer software. Nano3Dprint is offering 15% off one printer with the purchase of a full-price printer until December 4, 2022 at 11:59pm PT, and 20% off an entire order with the purchase of two or more printers. The promotion is valid for the A2200 3D Multi-material Electronics Printer and the B3300 Dual Ink 3D Printer. At checkout, enter the code “Thanks22” to receive the discount; shipping within the United States is free..

About nano3Dprint: nano3Dprint offers next-generation additive manufacturing solutions that enable printing of fully-realized electronic devices with seamless integration of micro-to-nanoscale materials. With its electronics printer lineup, nano3Dprint is upleveling legacy 3D printing systems to allow users to invent, design, test, research and manufacture rapidly, easily and accurately.

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