New Launch: SprintRay Pro 2 Dental 3D Printer and Resins

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SprintRay Pro 2 3D printing ecosystem
SprintRay Pro 2 3D printing ecosystem/Source: SprintRay

SprintRay, the global leader in dental 3D printing, has unveiled the SprintRay Pro 2 dental 3D printer, as well as two new resins from the company’s BioMaterial Innovation Lab: a direct-print Retainer and a next-generation Dental Model. SprintRay has announced intentions to validate Ivoclar resins with the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem, increasing access to a wide spectrum of restorative materials.

These technologies will enable dentists and orthodontists to provide care more quickly and with greater flexibility than ever before.

SprintRay Pro 2 Dental 3D Printer

SprintRay Pro 2 dental 3D printer
SprintRay Pro 2 dental 3D printer/Source: SprintRay

SprintRay’s Pro 2 is the first 3D printer to use all-new Optical Panel technology, with 35-micron XY resolution and 385 nm UV light. The patented new light engine can print up to six full-arch dental models in 15 minutes while maintaining more than 99% dimensional stability.

It also boasts of a patent-pending Optical Panel™ technology. It claims to offer pixel perfect accuracy. In the Pro 2, the optical panel is placed as close to the resin tank as possible thereby offering 35 µm resolution and zero distortion – all while retaining a large build area.

“Previously, dentists had to choose between precision and production throughput. Pro 2 eliminates this paradigm. The Pro 2 prints with industry-leading speed, has a large build area, and is extremely accurate, making it a single machine perfect for both high-volume orthodontic production and precise restorative appliances.”

– Amir Mansouri, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO, SprintRay

Pro 2, when combined with the all-new Dental Model and direct print Retainer resins, is designed to assist dentists in fabricating appliances with best-in-class anatomy and a precise marginal fit.

Next-gen Dental Resins

SprintRay dental model resin
SprintRay dental model resin/Source: SprintRay

Next-generation materials developed by SprintRay’s Biomaterial Innovation Lab and its partners. The SprintRay Biomaterial Innovation Lab is entirely dedicated to developing material science and the art of the feasible through dental 3D printing.

  • SprintRay Retainer: A resin that allows direct 3D printing of retainers, removing traditional labour processes for speedier production and same-day delivery.
  • SprintRay Dental Model: An advanced resin for orthodontic and dental models that significantly improves speed and accuracy in digital workflows.
  • Ivoclar Resins: When combined with SprintRay’s expanding resin portfolio, the arrival of Ivoclar resins will provide dentists and labs with greater access to a diverse library of leading materials.

SprintRay’s Pro 2 3D printer and resin portfolio are available for purchase and will delivery this summer.

About SprintRay: SprintRay is a dental technology business that provides comprehensive 3D printing solutions to dental practitioners. SprintRay creates advanced dental equipment, including 3D printers, post-processing environments, AI-powered software, and unique resins.

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