New Watch from Panerai and Brabus Features 3D Printed Case

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New Watch from Panerai and Brabus Features 3D Printed Case

New Watch Submersible S Brabus eTitanio PAM01403/ Source: Brabus

The Submersible S Brabus eTitanio PAM01403 is a new timepiece from premium watchmaker Panerai, and it features a 3D Printed Case. The watch, which was made in conjunction with Brabus, a German luxury engineering firm specialising in high-performance automobiles, is the latest example of affluent companies using 3D printing.

Since 2021, Panerai and Brabus have worked together to produce innovative and technologically advanced limited-edition wristwatches. After working together for three years, they were able to produce one of the most cutting-edge watches available including this watch with 3D Printed Case.

New Watch from Panerai and Brabus Features 3D Printed Case

Submersible Watch from Panerai and Brabus Features 3D Printed Case/ Source: aBlogtoWatch

When we talk about our connection with Brabus, it’s about so much more than a logo—it permeates every aspect of our business, from the top down to the ground up. When it comes to products, sales, and major markets, we may complement each other and create synergy. Disruptive and remarkable innovations will be developed using our brands’ ideas, materials, and technologies. Our customers will reap the benefits of the synergy between our service, retail concepts, and product quality. the CEO of Panerai, Jean-Marc Pontroué, said.

Features of the 3D Printed Case

The 3D Printed Case of 47 mm was the first technical component of this watch that drew our eye. The eTitanio titanium powder utilised in the printing of the 3D Printed Case is a 100% recycled material derived from pre-customer alloy. Panerai and Brabus used 3D printing to create a case that is 30% lighter at 23.6 grammes while maintaining the same level of robustness as a traditionally constructed case. The watch can be worn when scuba diving or participating in other water-based activities up to 30 bars of pressure (about 300 metres below the surface).

In addition to the 3D Printed Case, the watch features a number of additional innovative technological and aesthetic components. It has Panerai’s trademark polarised date display, a unidirectional Carbotech spinning bezel for calculating immersion time, and a three-day power reserve with a sapphire crystal disc indicator filled with Super-LumiNovaTM. Additionally, this watch has a power reserve indicator that is filled with Super-LumiNovaTM.

The lattice work on the clock’s face, which is reminiscent of a car’s grill, and the prominent display of the company logo in the centre, which is reminiscent of a car’s hood ornament are both more subtle ways that Brabus nods to their roots. The watch comes with not only a recycled PET strap but also a recycled calfskin strap, making it suitable for any business meeting or SoulCycle class that the wearer might be attending.

This limited-edition drop from Panerai with 3D Printed Case is priced at $51,000 and is available in only 177 pieces; the number 177 is a reference to the year that Brabus was founded, 1977. Despite the fact that I can’t afford it, I think this is one of the most interesting timepieces I’ve ever seen. It is my hope that other companies that create everyday watches will investigate the use of 3D printing in their production processes and will eventually offer a watch that has 3D printed components like 3D Printed Case.

I’m sure you’re aware that we just recently published a story alleging that Apple is utilising 3D printed components in their most recent Apple Watch. As the price of the technology continues to fall, there is the possibility that a bigger pattern will begin to develop. What are your thoughts? We are interested to hear them. Is this something that will only affect luxury labels, or do you anticipate that other companies, like as Apple and Fossil, will follow suit and start using 3D printing?

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