Nexa3D announces Strategic Acquisition of Essentium

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Above: Essentium HSE 3D Printer/Image Credit: Essentium

Nexa3D, a leader in ultrafast 3D printing technology, has announced its intent for the acquisition of Essentium, a significant development in the industrial additive manufacturing sector. This move is expected to reshape the 3D printing landscape by combining Nexa3D’s innovative capabilities with Essentium’s high-speed extrusion capabilities.

Nexa3D has quickly established itself as a key player in the 3D printing industry, providing a variety of ultrafast 3D printers to meet a wide range of production requirements, from small-scale desktop applications to large-scale factory operations. The acquisition of Essentium positions Nexa3D to expand its product portfolio by incorporating high-speed extrusion technology into its already impressive lineup.

Expanding Horizons: The Acquisition of Essentium

This strategic acquisition represents a significant step forward for Nexa3D in the field of industrial 3D printing. Essentium, known for its high-speed extrusion 3D printers and diverse material offerings, has long been a household name in the industry, particularly in high-precision applications in the aerospace, military, and defence sectors. The combination of Essentium’s technology and Nexa3D’s ultrafast printing solutions is expected to create an additive manufacturing powerhouse.

Essentium has received accolades for its diverse material portfolio and award-winning HSE 3D printers with true independent dual extruders (IDEX). Their technology, which is 5 to 15 times faster than competing extrusion technologies, has been a critical solution for complex polymer production applications, particularly in industries such as aerospace, military, and defence.

Blake Teipel, CEO of Essentium, also expressed excitement about the partnership. “Joining forces with Nexa3D represents a transformative phase for us. We share a common vision of advancing manufacturing capabilities and believe that our combined expertise will lead to ground-breaking solutions in the 3D printing sector.”

Nexa3D announces Strategic Acquisition of Essentium
Fleet of High-speed extrusion (HSE) 3D printers/Source: Essentium

Nexa3D has been a game changer in the industry, offering solutions ranging from desktop to factory floor applications. The company’s technology, known for its exceptional productivity, precision, and material versatility, has revolutionised 3D printing production. Nexa3D printers are a popular choice for high-throughput production applications, with over 1200 global customers.

“We are thrilled about the acquisition of Essentium and eagerly anticipate welcoming their team into the Nexa3D family. This acquisition marks a significant step in our journey to push the boundaries of 3D printing technology. Together, we aim to deliver unparalleled value to our customers, combining our strengths to revolutionize the industry.”

– Avi Reichental, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Nexa3D

A Future of Innovation and Growth

Nexa3D’s acquisition of Essentium is expected to close by the end of the calendar year, subject to shareholder and regulatory approvals. Both companies are committed to providing their customers with a smooth transition and continuous service.

Finally, Nexa3D’s acquisition of Essentium marks a new chapter in the evolution of industrial 3D printing. It promises to usher in a new era of innovation, efficiency, and growth, benefiting industries ranging from aerospace to consumer goods. Please visit the Nexa3D and Essentium websites for more information.

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