Nikon makes two new investments in Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies and Optisys

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Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies' AMBIT™ XTRUDE tool
Above: HMT’s AMBIT™ XTRUDE tool/Source: HMT

Nikon Corporation, a Japanese multinational that specialises in optics and imaging products, has made new investments in the Additive Manufacturing industry, including Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global, Inc. (HMT), an award-winning industry leader in additive manufacturing, and Optisys, Inc., a global industry leader in the design and manufacture of metal printed antennas.

These two new investments follow the recent high-profile acquisition of German metal 3D printing systems manufacturer SLM Solutions.

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Global

HMT has developed a method for integrating Additive Manufacturing tools onto a variety of platforms, enabling complementary technologies in a single setup. Users can switch from cutting to adding metal with a tool change when using its patented AMBIT deposition heads. Nikon’s investment in HMT will allow the two companies to leverage their combined experience to expand the hybrid manufacturing landscape.

“This investment in HMT is the latest component of our Next Generation Project program to further industrialisation of digital manufacturing. As an industry leader with demonstrated collaborative capabilities, HMT and its AMBIT portfolio are well-matched with Nikon technologies. We look forward to working with them as part of our commitment to creating value and advancing society through novel industries like hybrid manufacturing.”

– Yuichi Shibazaki, Nikon Corporate vice president and General Manager of the Next Generation Project Division

Peter Coates, HMT co-founder and CTO, added, “Hybrid is all about synergy. For the better part of ten years in this industry we have taken pride in the strategic nature of our collaborations and our partnership with Nikon takes this to a whole new level by adding value to advanced manufacture.”

“We are honoured to receive investment from such a longstanding technology leader as Nikon. Together, we will more fully deliver on the promise of additive and digital manufacturing. We expect the results of this technology will touch the lives of virtually all people on earth in the coming decades.”

– Dr. Jason B Jones, Co-founder and CEO, HMT

Optisys, Inc.

Optisys uses metal 3D printing to manufacture RF Antennas
Above: Optisys uses metal 3D printing to manufacture RF Antennas/Source: Optisys

Optisys uses metal additive manufacturing to produce RF antenna for commercial and government applications. It uses SLM Solutions machines to deliver high-quality products. To deliver cost-effective, bespoke solutions in a shorter development time, the company employs integrated design, manufacturing, and testing processes.

Nikon and Optisys expect to increase their use of metal Additive Manufacturing for applications such as high-performance antennas and other RF products as a result of their investment with Optisys.

“Nikon’s investment and expertise in Additive Manufacturing and advanced manufacturing techniques gives Optisys access to an ecosystem where we will be able to produce high-performance printed antennas in commercial volumes. This will enable Optisys to bring additive manufactured antennas into the mainstream for the most demanding market segments in both commercial and government applications.”

– Janos Opra, Chief Executive Officer, Optisys

Shibazaki concluded, “This investment in Optisys is another central element of our Next Generation Project program to propel industrialisation of digital manufacturing. Optisys’ industry leadership and precision design and manufacturing capabilities are well-aligned with Nikon core technologies and our vision for the future. We look forward to partnering with their team to expand the Additive Manufacturing horizon.”

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