Nourished makes new 3D-Printed Collagen Gummies

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Nourished makes new 3D-printed Collagen Gummies

Nourished launches new 3D-printed Collagen Gummies/ Source: get

The 3D-printed Collagen Gummies company Nourished is broadening its product line. We examine Melissa Snover’s company on the 3DPOD, which has worked with Colgate and raised over $11 million. The latest news from the firm is the launch of a vegetarian collagen gummy.

Collagen+ for 3D-printed Collagen Gummies was made by Nourished with Ovoderm from Eggnovo, a vegetarian collagen made from eggshell membranes. There are now five distinct Collagen+ products on the market, all of which contain Vitamin C in addition to collagen. The monthly membership for 28 3D-printed gummy stacks costs £40.49, or customers can pay £44.99 all at once. The goods consist of:

  • Collagen+ Hair, Skin and Nails, featuring Selenium and Biotin as ingredients;
  • Collagen+ Joints and Recovery, which includes Hydrocurc, Black Pepper Extract, K2 Vital Delta, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C;
  • Collagen+ Sle ep, featuring Ashwaghanda and 5-HTP;
  • Collagen+ Energy, with Ferrous Citrate, Vitamin B12, Maca Powder;
  • Collagen+ Age Rewind, with CoQ10 and Resveratrol. It is touted to “increase skin firmness by 51 percent.”

In order to assist clients get the most out of their nutrition routine, Nourished are committed to developing novel approaches to achieving health and wellness. Because of the many advantages associated with collagen, we decided to include it in our product line, resulting in the 3D-printed Collagen Gummies. But this item is about more than simply health; it’s also about ease and pleasure. We designed this for the on-the-go individual who also values their health. It’s a tasty and convenient method to add collagen to your diet without making any other changes. Melissa Snover, President and CEO of Nourished, Inc.

About Vegetarian 3D-printed Collagen Gummies

Providing a vegetarian option allows us to meet the ever-increasing demand for vegetarian food. Additionally, compounds like as collagen and Hydrocurc, which is a type of curcumin generated from turmeric, are receiving a growing amount of attention in the health industry. Even while other compounds, such Coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) and K2 Vital Delta, are less well-known, the supplement industry is nonetheless seeing a rise in their popularity. Maca root, which originally hails from Peru, has been receiving a lot of attention as of late for a variety of different reasons.

Nourished makes new 3D-printed Collagen Gummies

New innovation by Nourished in healthcare/ Source: Food Navigator

The versatility of Nourished’s 3D-printed Collagen Gummies is what sets them distinct from other products on the market. Because of the flexibility of its operations, the firm is able to add the most cutting-edge vitamins or chemicals swiftly, so ensuring that its supplements are always up to date. In contrast to other businesses, which may be wedded to a certain recipe, Nourished is flexible, in large part because it is able to include a variety of components into its 3D printing technique.

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This responsiveness on 3D-printed Collagen Gummies has the potential to give Nourished an advantage over its competitors in the congested supplement industry, with the fascination of 3D printing adding to the product’s attractiveness. Expanding into a variety of health conditions with individualised formulations is another wise method that may be considered. Nourished provides gummies that cater to a variety of requirements, including those associated with menopause, PCOS, sleep, sexual health, inner beauty, gaming, and frequent travel. There is something for everyone in our line of products. The possibility of Nourished becoming an appealing acquisition target for larger organisations is heightened by the brand’s offer of personalised gummies.

To this point, Nourished has reported selling 6 million stacks of 3D-printed Collagen Gummies, which is an admirable achievement that has the potential to grow significantly if it is overseen by a firm like as Unilever.

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