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OctoEverywhere - Free Remote Monitoring, Notifications, And Control Everywhere!
Above: OctoEverywhere – Free Remote Monitoring, Notifications, And Control Everywhere!

Have you ever wondered how you can take your 3D printing experience to the next level? If you answered yes, then we have the perfect solution for you. OctoEverywhere is a new and yet popular OctoPrint plugin that provides safe and secure remote controlling and monitoring features for your 3D printer that you will appreciate. And even if you answered no, it doesn’t hurt to just read along and get acquainted with a new and interesting plugin.

The OctoEverywhere plugin enables makers all over the world to improve their 3D printing results through a safe and secure remote connection.

Let us explain how this plugin assists users in making the most of their 3D printer. But first, for those who have never used OctoPrint before, we provide a brief overview of the software. Those who are familiar with the software can proceed to the next section on OctoEverywhere.

OctoPrint & OctoPrint Plugins

Gina Häußge, a German software engineer, founded and launched OctoPrint in 2012. Over the last decade, it has quickly grown to become one of the top remote monitoring, management, and control software applications for your 3D printer. Many adopters are drawn to the software because of its ease of use and simplicity and a wide range of plugins providing features that enhance the 3D printing results.

OctoPrint is a free and open-source application that has mostly been built by its users and it has led to the development of more than 360 plugins (at the time of writing this article). These diverse set of plugins extends the software’s capabilities, making it simple to monitor and control your prints. If you are still new to OctoPrint, then you can read our introductory article on what is OctoPrint and setting it up.

OctoEverywhere: Background

The plugin’s name says it all. OctoPrint plugin OctoEverywhere allows you to control and monitor your 3D printer from anywhere.

Quinn Damerell worked on the plugin and launched OctoEverywhere in 2020. The idea to develop this plugin originated after discovering that there was no good and secure way to access the entire OctoPrint portal via the internet. Quinn shared a prototype on the OctoPrint forums, where a number of makers (also called as the founding crew) built it into what it is today. It is safe to say that OctoEverywhere was created by and for the maker community. The OctoEverywhere community has been instrumental in developing features and providing feedback to help guide the service.

“OctoEverywhere empowers makers worldwide to print better with secure and free remote access to their complete OctoPrint portal. Including full webcam streaming, OctoPrint plugin support, file transfers, and unlimited portal access. Over 60K makers have used OctoEverywhere, making it the 4th most used OctoPrint plugin.”

– Quinn Damerell, Founder, OctoEverywhere

OctoEverywhere has quickly become one of the most popular OctoPrint plugins, with a commendable 4.9/5 star rating from the community and over 210 reviews.

OctoEverywhere: Standout Features

The plugin’s main feature is free and complete OctoPrint portal access from anywhere. OctoEverywhere has created a global network of servers to ensure the lowest possible latency for all users. The robust OctoEverywhere engine supports full frame rate and resolution webcam streaming, as well as full plugin support. All data transmitted between the user and the printer is encrypted using state-of-the-art standards to guarantee complete confidentiality.

App Connections

OctoEverywhere Complete Integration
Above: OctoEverywhere Complete Integration/Source: OctoEverywhere

App Connections empowers the top OctoPrint apps on all platforms to work anywhere, using a fast and secure connection to your OctoPrint instance at home. OctoEverywhere has collaborated with all of the major app developers including Printoid, OctoApp, OctoPod and Polymer, to make the setup process as quick and simple as possible; simply log into your account and you’re done.


Get printer notifications instantly from the popular OctoPrint Plugin - OctoEverywhere
Above: Get printer notifications instantly/Source: OctoEverywhere

OctoEverywhere has created a robust and versatile printer notification system for the community. The system sends information-rich notifications with large and detailed snapshots of the current print. Notifications can be set to send for print progress, completion, errors, and other events. Notifications can be delivered via SMS, email, Telegram, Discord, Slack, and other channels.

Live Links

Live Links are a great feature as it allows users to share their prints with the rest of the world. The OctoEverywhere Live Links include a large live webcam stream of the printer, as well as live print information. Live links can be shared with friends and family, as well as on social media for communities all over the world!

OctoEverywhere: Upcoming Features

OctoEverywhere is constantly evolving and has always attempted to introduce new and exciting features. It recently announced a new feature for its customers. This feature is still in the testing and evaluation phase, but it will soon be available for free to all users.


Gadget has AI-enabled print failure detection capabilities
Above: Gadget has AI-enabled print failure detection capabilities/Source: OctoEverywhere

Gadget is an upcoming feature that will be available for free to all users and will use cutting-edge AI to detect print issues and failures. The gadget continuously monitors the user’s prints and, if an issue is detected, can alert the user or pause the print to prevent filament waste. Gadget has been released to a closed beta group, and Quinn is working closely with the group to refine and perfect the feature. Quinn hopes to make Gadget available to the entire maker and OctoPrint community later this year.

What Next?

OctoEverywhere’s mission is to empower the entire maker community worldwide to print better. OctoEveywhere is Quinn’s way of giving back to the maker community, which provides so many amazing tools and information for free. Quinn strives to make OctoEverywhere as accessible to all makers as possible. However, because the service is costly to operate, some restrictions apply to the more expensive parts of the service. OctoEveyrwhere users have the option of supporting the project with a monthly supporter subscription. Because supporters contribute to server costs, they also receive Supporter Perks that increase some of the default limits.

The plugin will continue to get better and bring more and more new features to help the maker community.

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