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Optomec and Tesscorn partner-up to expand Additive Manufacturing Market in India

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Optomec, a world leading supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for metal and electronics 3D printing, is partnering with Tesscorn Nano Science Inc., a leading distributor of products, services and support to the Indian defence, aerospace, automotive and other relevant R&D communities, to expand its sales in India. The distribution agreement, which was announced on 20th February 2018 in a press release, will leverage Optomec’s additive manufacturing solutions using Tesscorn’s distribution and service capabilities.


Optomec is a leading supplier of production grade additive manufacturing solutions. It holds patents for Aerosol Jet Technology for 3D printing of electronics and LENS 3D printers for metal printing. Both these technologies offer unique solution to the industry in terms of the material capabilities like ink and structural metals and advanced 3D printing solutions.

Aerosol Jet Technology

Above: Optomec Aerosol Jet Additive Manufacturing Process / Video Credit: Optomec/YouTube

This patented Aerosol Jet technology allows for additive manufacturing of small, light-weight, superior performance devices used in aerospace, defence, consumer electronics and Internet of Things (IoT). It is most prominently used to print electronic circuits from as small as 10 microns to as big as a few millimetres in a single pass.


Above: Optomec LENS Technology for Component Repair / Video Credit: Optomec/YouTube

The LENS technology uses energy from high-powered laser to print parts layer-by-layer directly from powdered metal materials. It can either be used to build a new part or repair an existing part by adding specific amount of material.

Speaking on the partnership agreement, Michael Kardos, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Optomec said, “Over the past 25 years, Tesscorn has established itself as a leader in supplying advanced manufacturing technology for production and research use in India. With their success in our target markets, we believe they can help expand the adoption of Optomec additive manufacturing solutions throughout India.”


Founded in 1993, Tesscorn Nano Science Inc., is one of the leading suppliers of high quality instrumentation solutions for many prominent sectors like manufacturing, research, nano technology, solar technology and semiconductor industry. The large experience and expertise has helped the company build crucial and valuable partnerships and this new partnership is a step in the same direction.

Ramesh Athihalli, Director at Tesscorn Nano Science, Inc., said, “We at Tesscorn, are excited to partner with Optomec to distribute 3D Printing/additive manufacturing technology in India. Our objective is to lead the digital revolution by empowering product designers and engineers to witness their innovations much faster than before and to empower India’s advanced manufacturing technology. Automation is spreading to every production line in India, and 3D printing is part of that trend. We at Tesscorn want to be an integral part of this revolution. The Aerosol Jet and LENS technology from Optomec are revolutionary technologies in this exciting field of additive manufacturing and our team at Tesscorn are dedicated towards adoption of these technologies to the huge bank of opportunities across various research and manufacturing industries in India.


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