Organovo Partners with new Manufacturing USA Institute to Advance development of NexGen technologies for Cells, Tissues and Organs

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Organovo Holdings, Inc. one of the largest 3D printing companies in the world announced that it has joined a new public-private manufacturing USA initiative – the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing  Institute (ARMI) – a consortium of nearly 100 industry, government and academia that works towards advancing the development of next-generation manufacturing processes and technologies for cells, tissues and organs.

The ARMI is a public-private network that invests in the development of world-class manufacturing technologies where ARMI integrates and organises the fragmented collection of industry practices and domestic capabilities in tissue Biofabrication technology.

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In addition to biofabrication technology, the ARMI will also advance regenerative tissue research and will focus on creating advanced manufacturing innovations in biomaterial and cell processing for critical Department of Defense and civilian needs.

Speaking about the need to develop new technologies for engineered tissue manufacturing, Dean Kamen, ARMI’s Chairman, said, “We need to develop 21st century tools for engineered tissue manufacturing that will allow these innovations to be widely available.”

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Explaining the benefits of joining the initiative, Dr. Sharon Presnell, Chief Scientific Officer at Organovo said, “By joining ARMI, we connect with a valuable network of resources focused on the development of standards and robust production methods that are critical to the long-term success of creating cell-based products,”

“Organovo’s mission to deliver game-changing regenerative medicine products and in vitro liver models depends not only on a supply of well-qualified cellular raw materials, but also on our ability to further streamline and automate tissue production processes such as bioprinting and post-fabrication conditioning.  By joining the ARMI group, we have the opportunity to learn from other innovators, to share what we have learned, and develop partnerships that bring ground-breaking products to the market,” Presnell concluded.

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