3D Printer Price in India

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3D Printers are rapidly sold in India and the world sees India as a big market to grow their businesses. 3D printers can be bought in India through direct importing printers, importing DIY kits for FDM printers, official distributors in India and through local manufacturers. The 3D printer price in India varies based on the chosen approach. Read on to know more about the 3D printer price in India as per the different technologies

FDM/FFF 3D Printer Price in India                                                  

FDM 3D Printer
Above: S5 Pro Bundle & S3 desktop FDM 3D Printers/Image Credit: Ultimaker

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) or Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers are the cheapest and most commonly used 3D printers all over the globe. They are generally regarded as the entry level printers and are widely used by enthusiasts, designers, SME’s, primary and secondary schools and even colleges or training institutes for technology teaching purpose.

The common materials used are PLA (for general purpose) and ABS (for industrial prototyping). Other materials like Polycarbonate, Pet-G, Nylon, speciality filaments like Glow in the dark, wood-filled, metal-filled are also used.

Globally, there is a flood of competitive products and this has led to a substantial fall in the price of FDM printers and this has given even individuals the power to own a 3D printer.

The “Make in India” campaign has encouraged many Indian engineers to locally manufacture 3D printers and over the years some really great local companies have developed reliable FDM 3D printers. As a result of this, FDM 3D Printers are now readily available in India through various manufacturers and distributors.

Enthusiasts in India can now buy a 3D printer directly from the global or local manufacturers or from their local distributor.

The 3D printer price in India varies from Rs.19,000 ($300 approx) to Rs.2.5 crore ($400,000 approx), depending on the brand, size, features and capability of the 3D printer. While a simple DIY printer (RepRap model) can cost Rs.19,000 ($300 approx), a branded dual extrusion 3D printer with a big build volume can cost close to Rs.4,50,000 ($7000 approx). The high-end printers also have added features like Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in camera to monitor the print via remote access, filament runout sensor, etc.

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Special printers like Markforged Mark Two 3D Printer costs around Rs.12,00,000 ($19,000 approx) in India because of its capability to print carbon fibre, kevlar as well as high-temp fibreglass. Also the Markforged X3 which is a low-cost industrial-grade 3D printer prints high-strength parts costs around Rs.32,00,000 ($50000 approx) in India. FDM 3D Printers from Stratasys are even costlier than the above mentioned brands.

In India, the most commonly bought foreign brands are Ultimaker, Flashforge, Zortrax, XYZPrinting, Stratasys (for purely industrial usage), etc. whereas the Indian brands like Divide By Zero Technologies, Garuda3D, Aha3D, etc. are also wooing the Indian consumers with their products.

SLA/DLP 3D Printer Price in India

3D printing
Above: NXE400 range of Stereolithography 3D Printers/Image Credit: Nexa3D

Stereolithography (SLA) is the world’s first patented 3D printing technology. It is one of the most rapidly growing 3D printing technologies in the world. The industrial 3D printers require huge investment but the desktop printers are far cheaper are provide closely resembling industrial accuracy and perfection.

India is largely not into the manufacturing of Industrial SLA/DLP 3D Printers but desktop versions are developed by a lot of local manufacturers. These are mostly DLP 3D printers and provide good resolutions for printing. SLA is quite similar to Digital Light Processing (DLP). Chinese 3D printers are also flooding the Indian market but they are largely not recommended by experts.

The DLP 3D printer price in India starts from Rs.50,000 ($850 approx) to upwards of Rs.6,00,000 ($9500 approx) for Desktop DLP 3D printers. These are mostly from Indian manufacturers and from foreign brands like Wanhao, XYZPrinting and Formlabs. The industrial SLA 3D printer price in India most often cost around Rs.1.5 – 2.0 crores ($235,000 – $315,000 approx).

SLS 3D Printer Price in India

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is a powder bed fusion 3D printing technology wherein the material is in a fine powdered form. This powdered material maybe plastic or metal depending on the type of printer used. This material melted at a particle level with a powerful CO2 laser to fuse with the adjacent particles and trace out a layer. The object is built layer by layer to form the final object.

The material used in SLS 3D printers is usually Nylon. In case of metal printers, the commonly used materials are stainless steel & maraging steel, aluminium alloys, copper alloys, titanium, precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc.

3D printer prices in India
Above: 3D Systems Prox SLS 6100 3D Printer / Image Credit: 3D Systems

SLS 3D printers are far costlier than FDM or SLA printers. Unlike FDM and SLA 3D printers are not meant for home use. As it uses powder material it requires an industrial setup to ensure the powder is contained and is not contaminated. Additonally, the requirement of extra industrial grade equipment’s for post-processing makes it a largely industrial technology. This makes it costly and even the desktop versions like those form Formlabs and Sinterit are out of reach of hobbyists.

The 3D printer price in India for one of the cheapest desktop SLS 3D printer is around Rs.4,50,000 [$7500 approx] (exclusive of import duty, taxes and shipping).

Broadly the industrial SLS printers are divided into plastic and metal 3D printers and companies like 3D Systems & EOS are the leading players. These printers are immensely costly and purely for industrial use.

MultiJet Fusion 3D Printer Price in India

HP Inc. also has wide presence in India. It’s award-winning Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer is quite popular in India. The Multi Jet Fusion technology is quite similar to Binder Jetting technology. This 3D printer by HP is priced at around Rs.2.5 Crore ($400,000 approx) for the Indian buyers.

3D printer price in India varies greatly depending on the type and brand of 3D printer. The market is mostly dominated by foreign manufacturers but Indian manufacturers are also growing and building remarkable 3D printers. The printer prices will obviously fall further once the local manufacturers develop the manufacturing technology.

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