Paxis Collaborates with Sartomer to Develop Advanced Materials for its WAV™ AM Technology

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WAV™ AM Technology

Above: Paxis collaborates with Sartomer to Develop Advanced Materials for its WAV™ AM Technology/Image Credit: Sartomer/Twitter

Paxis, the manufacturer of the patented WAV™ AM technology, has collaborated with Sartomer, a pioneer in advanced photocurable resin solutions, to collectively develop custom materials for Paxis’ WAV™ (Wave Applied Voxel) additive manufacturing process technology.

WAV™ AM Technology

WAV™ AM Technology

Above: Patented WAV™ AM technology/Image Credit: Paxis LLC

The patented WAV™ AM technology is unlike any other technology within the additive manufacturing universe. According to some experts, currently, WAV™ AM technology does not even fit in the defined ASTM standards for Additive Manufacturing.

The technology is majorly focussed on eliminating the trapped volume issues faced within the liquid photopolymer technologies. A photopolymer technology like SLA cannot create infill structures if the object requires a complete solid outer layer. The inner material is just not possible to be removed. The WAV AM technology eliminates this major issue.

WAV™ AM Technology

Above: Paxis CTO Fred Mike (left) & CEO Mike Littrel (right) with the WAV 3D printed surf board

Last year, Paxis had introduced this technology along with an 85-inch surf board. The unique surf board was 3D printed as a single piece with an internal honeycomb structure. The board demonstrated the proof-of-concept and the technology has been the talk of the town from then on.

Besides solving the trapped volume issue, the patented WAV™ AM technology enables scalability in size and speed, significant reduction in post-processing requirements, multiple material production, exotic material management, lower operating costs, elimination of a large vat during large-part production and the ability for embedded components.


Paxis knew they had to develop new materials if the technology has to be adopted on a wider scale and hence it is partnering with global material companies to formulate compatible materials.

WAV™ AM Technology

Above: Sumeet Jain, Senior Director, 3D Printing Worldwide at Arkema/Image Credit: Sartomer

According to Sumeet Jain, Senior Director, 3D Printing Worldwide at Arkema, “Sartomer is a historic partner for 3D printing innovators, and we are excited to collaborate with Paxis because WAV technology is positioned to change manufacturing as it exists today. Through our joint efforts, we aim to develop next-generation products and solutions that will continue to disrupt and advance the way parts are mass manufactured.”

Mike LITTRELL, CEO, co-inventor of WAV and founder of Paxis, commented, “The most successful way to overcome the limitations of current additive manufacturing technology is through collaboration with like-minded innovators. [Sartomer’s] experts push resin advancement to meet and exceed the needs of current additive manufacturing applications. Designed with the end user in mind, WAV technology will enable the end user to select the material that best meets their application needs. We look forward to working with Sartomer.”

Paxis has now collaborated with Sartomer, a business line of Arkema, to develop a library of new custom materials tailored to work with the WAV™ AM technology and solve application-specific needs. Paxis and Sartomer also look to identify new market opportunities. Part of the 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema platform, the UV-curable liquid resins in Sartomer’s N3XTDIMENSION® product portfolio are specifically designed to promote high-performance and tailored characteristics of 3D-printed products.

Last year, Paxis also formed a partnership with BASF to advance innovative materials for the WAV™ AM technology.

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