Phase3D releases True Layer Thickness toolkit for 3D Printing Technology

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Phase3D excels in real-time inspection for Additive Manufacturing
Phase3D excels in real-time inspection for Additive Manufacturing/Source: Phase3D

Phase3D, a Chicago-based company that commercialises in-situ monitoring for additive manufacturing (AM), announced the launch of True Layer Thickness. This toolkit measures the amount of metal powder spread across the build area in microns, ensuring uniform distribution for each layer of the build.

The innovation raises the bar for metal powder bed fusion (PBF) inspection by introducing a new in-situ monitoring toolkit for large-scale AM production.

Phase3D – True Layer Thickness Measurement

True Layer Thickness records the uniformity and amount of powder distributed across the build area. The data, visualized in 3D (left) is created using Fringe structured light in-situ monitoring system (right)
True Layer Thickness records the uniformity and amount of powder distributed across the build area. The data, visualized in 3D (left) is created using Fringe structured light in-situ monitoring system (right)/Source: Phase3D

Regulated industries such as aerospace, medical, and energy seek to advance AM to meet critical use applications by using in-situ monitoring to achieve born certified parts. Phase3D collaborated with a prominent aerospace company to create the True Layer Thickness toolkit, which addresses a critical need for high-quality part production.

Key Features of Phase3D’s True Layer Thickness are:

  • Objective Data: True Layer Thickness employs patented Fringe in-situ monitoring technology to generate micron-level measurements of how much powder is spread during the metal PBF process.
  • Precision and Consistency: This toolkit allows for precise inspection of the amount of metal powder deposited in each layer of a build.
  • Industry Solutions: True Layer Thickness is tailored to the challenges of industrial manufacturing and addresses the requirements for industrial applications other than aerospace, such as defence, energy, and medical.
  • Seamless Integration: True Layer Thickness integrates seamlessly with Phase3D’s existing in-situ monitoring system, Fringe, which can be added to most metal AM machines to help with product development and production.

“We are pleased to introduce True Layer Thickness. This new toolkit underscores our commitment to advancing AM for the benefit of widespread adoption of the technology for critical use applications.”

– Dr. Niall O’Dowd, CEO and Founder of Phase3D

The True Layer Thickness toolkit represents a significant step forward for the AM industry in achieving born certified production. Fringe in-situ monitoring and True Layer Thickness provide objective measurement data, allowing real-time inspection of every build. This toolkit will be available to all Phase3D customers and will be displayed at AMUG 2024 in Chicago, IL, at Booth 101 in Salon D.

About Phase 3D: Phase3D is on a mission to empower the additive manufacturing industry by providing reliable part quality assurance technology. Fringe, Phase3D’s flagship in-situ monitoring system, is an inspection tool that employs structured light to objectively detect and categorise print anomalies that cause part defects. Phase3D generates quantitative height maps and layer thickness measurements for the AM process. Fringe is the only commercially available system capable of measuring out-of-plane surface anomalies in real time during both powder bed fusion and binder jetting processes.

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