Phrozen’s new Sonic Mini 8K S: Features & Specs Review 2023

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The new Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K S resin 3D printer with a sample print
The new Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K S resin 3D printer with a sample print/Source: Phrozen

Phrozen is the pioneer of 8K resolution LCD 3D printers, and the new Sonic Mini 8K S makes 8K 3D printing more affordable for everyone to easily experience the pleasure of creating. The printer was launched recently and Manufactur3D was given an early look at this printer, and we were blown away by its printing capabilities.

In this review, Manufactur3D examines the new printers’ features and specifications and provides reasons why you should consider this printer as a new tool in your arsenal. 

About Phrozen

Bare-bones view of the Sonic Mini 8K S
Bare-bones view of the Sonic Mini 8K S/Source: Phrozen

Phrozen was founded in 2016 by a group of Taiwanese 3D printing enthusiasts, and it manufactures professional consumer-friendly 3D printers for industrial, medical, and personal applications.

The Sonic Mini 8K, launched in 2021 as Phrozen’s flagship printer in the 8K printing category, has surpassed its previous generation resin 3D printers which delivered a 4K resolution. The 8K surpassed the previous generation of printers to deliver sharper and more accurate results.

Phrozen has a knack of breaking records and with the Sonic Mega 8K, it still holds the record for the highest printing volume available in the consumer market, as well as the highest printing resolution at only 22 microns with the Sonic Mini 8K.

Now, with the new Sonic Mini 8K S, Phrozen is offering a cost-effective solution to 8K high-resolution 3D printing, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Phrozen’s new Sonic Mini 8K S

The new Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K S resin 3D printer is the latest addition to the Phrozen 8K series. Compared to the Sonic Mini 8K released in 2021, the new Sonic Mini 8K S offers the same 8K resolution at 22 microns, but with a lighter body and a more affordable price point. In keeping with Phrozen’s mission to bring 3D printing to the masses, the Sonic Mini 8K S was created to make high-resolution 3D printing more accessible to everyone, regardless of background or prior experience.

This time, Phrozen has raised the bar in the consumer 3D printing industry by introducing the Sonic Mini 8K S, the most affordable 3D printer with an 8K LCD screen.

The Sonic Mini 8K S provides incredible printing precision in 8K resolution, as well as a user-friendly interface and an affordable price, making it an excellent choice even for first-time 3D printing enthusiasts. The Sonic Mini 8K S is an entry-level printer that is ideal for a variety of applications such as miniatures, jewellery, and figurines. It is also an excellent addition to any 3D printing workflow. 

Printer Specifications

We now take a look at the specifications of the printer:

Printing MaterialPhotopolymer Resins
Light SourceLinear Projection LED Module
XY Resolution22 μm (7500 x 3240 pixels)
Layer Thickness0.01 – 0.30 mm
Max Printing Speed80 mm/hr
Printer Size290 x 290 x 430 mm
Print Volume165 x 72 x 170 mm
Printer Weight10 kg
Resin VatMetal vat with FEP film
SlicerChitubox (Basic, Pro), Lychee, Tango, and others
File formatOpen-format .PRZ

Key Features

Listing down some of the key features of the Sonic Mini 8K S LCD 3D printer.

8K Resolution

The Sonic Mini 8K S’s obvious standout feature is its 8K resolution. Its LCD module has 7500 x 3240 pixels, which is more than any of its competitors on the market. It is pre-installed in the printer and does not require any configuration. It provides a perfect plug-and-play experience with excellent first results right away.

Linear Projection LED Module

The Sonic Mini 8K S debuted its new linear projection LED module, which received a lot of attention and appreciation, and rightly so. The linear LED module improves printing accuracy and precision, allowing users to print intricate parts with greater ease and precision. This module employs a lens to evenly distribute light and a mirror to reflect light onto the LCD screen. This lengthens the optical path and produces a more even light source when it projects to the LCD.

Frosted Laser Cut Build Plate

The Sonic Mini 8K S continues with the frosted laser cut build plate, which was seen in the previous generation as well. This ensures that your 3D printed models adhere much more firmly to the build plate, significantly improving your printing success rate.

Metal Resin Vat

While plastic resin vats are not bad, having a metal resin vat adds to the printer’s overall sturdiness.

Thick T-plate

Like the previous generation, the new Sonic Mini 8K S also comes with a thick T-plate, which means it is much more durable and can withstand the pulling force between your 3D print and the FEP film.

Pros and Cons


  • Incredible details of 22 μm for invisible layer lines.
  • Supports open format, so it’s compatible with most slicers.
  • Great entry-level 8K printer for beginners.
  • Wide range of applications including miniatures, jewellery, and figurines.


  • The USB port is located on the side.
  • Has a Single rail


The Sonic Mini 8K S
The Sonic Mini 8K S/Source: Phrozen

The new Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K S will be available for pre-order on May 17 at 10 a.m. EDT. First adopters can take advantage of the pre-order bundle, which starts at $299.99 (original price $349.99) and includes free shipping to select countries. Furthermore, Phrozen is currently offering an additional 10% off with a final price of $269.99 on the Sonic Mini 8K S pre-order bundle for those who sign up for their email list.

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Who Should Buy?

Beginners who are new and wish to enter resin 3D printing, those who wish to expand their existing range of resin 3D printers to get better accuracy and quality, and those users who print complex and intricate parts.

This printer is obviously also for seasoned users who want to experience an 8K high-resolution printer with a more affordable price in their parts.

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