PhysicsX and Velo3D Partner to Provide Engineers with AI Simulation Tooling

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  • The Partnership Gives Velo3D Customers Access to AI-enabled Physics Simulation and Optimization Capabilities and PhysicsX Customers Increased Manufacturing Flexibility to Produce Their Most Advanced Concepts.
PhysicsX is building AI simulation tooling with Velo3D
PhysicsX is building AI simulation tooling with Velo3D/Source: PhysicsX

Through Velo3D’s Technical Partner Programme, Velo3D, Inc., a leading metal additive manufacturing technology company for mission-critical parts, announced a strategic partnership with PhysicsX. The collaboration gives Velo3D customers access to PhysicsX’s AI-enabled physics simulation workflows. This will enable companies to provide AI simulation tooling to engineers in order to hyper-accelerate simulation loops, improve simulation fidelity, and algorithmically explore complex design spaces to unlock new performance levels.

It also gives PhysicsX customers access to the most advanced metal additive manufacturing capabilities available on the market today, allowing them to quickly create novel, highly optimised part designs.

AI Simulation Tooling

Simulation for Additive Manufacturing, or SFAM™, is a critical component of PhysicsX’s processes that enables previously unattainable part and system performance to be achieved and manufactured. PhysicsX optimises designs for maximum performance by combining multi-physics simulation with ultra-fast deep learning models. Engineers and scientists can now rapidly optimise designs and improve design-to-production processes, ranging from improved combustion efficiency to increased manufacturing yield.

To replicate the physics of various real-world environments, it combines traditional computer-aided engineering (CAE) with machine learning capabilities. When compared to traditional CAE simulators, PhysicsX’s AI-powered technology can greatly increase the number of design cycles that can be completed within a given timeframe and better fill in the gaps of numerical simulation with real-world data—all in order to discover the true limits of the physics at work.

This allows engineers to search a complex design space extensively without imposing simplified design assumptions, and to have confidence that those designs are reliably manufacturable at high quality.

“We started working with PhysicsX when we were building the Sapphire XC printer because we needed to optimize the flow of gas in the printer build chamber to eliminate soot build-up around the laser windows of the system. We quickly realized that PhysicsX’s capabilities could be a big boon to many of our customers who are pushing design performance limits. After working closely with them over the past two years, we’ve formalized our partnership to expose customers to the engineering synergy that exists by combining both companies’ technologies.”

– Benny Buller, Founder and CEO, Velo3D

According to Robin Tuluie, PhysicsX Founder and Co-CEO, “PhysicsX supports customers in some of the most important industries of our time, including aerospace, automotive, sustainability and renewables. Our technology can be deployed to evaluate performance in a variety of categories, such as system performance, efficiency, weight, noise, and other criteria. Through PhysicsX, engineers have improved reduced emissions from aircraft and road vehicles, won world championships in MotoGP, and increased the performance of wind and hydro turbines.”

Tuluie added, “We’re excited about this partnership and that by working with both PhysicsX and Velo3D, customers will be able to quickly realize unparalleled performance gains for their products without compromising on reliability or additive build quality.”

Velo3D collaborates with a wide range of partners, including contract manufacturers, commercial distributors, software and simulation providers, post-processing solutions, and academic institutions, to help customers build the parts they need, accelerate development, and lower product costs. Its Technical Partner Programme is designed to provide Velo3D customers with powerful technology and services that complement its fully integrated additive manufacturing solution, allowing customers to produce optimised final, ready-to-use parts more easily. 

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