PostProcess Technologies Announces Innovation of the Most Advanced 3D Printed SLA Resin Removal Solution

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3D printed SLA

Above: The new solution completely removes the part resin in only 5 to 10 minutes/Image Credit: PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess Technologies, the provider of automated post-processing solutions for 3D printed parts, announced an innovative new solution for 3D printed SLA resin removal as a part of its offering of automated and intelligent additive manufacturing (AM) post-print technologies.

The company built upon its earlier solutions to bring an enhanced version with improved chemistry formulation, PostProcess™, solution to deliver a post processing technology claimed to be the fastest in the world.

3D printed SLA

Above: PostProcess™ CENTI™ Support Removal solution/Image Credit: PostProcess Technologies

The latest patent-pending 3D printed SLA resin removal innovation is validated in as many as 8 different resin materials and in different production environments. The new solution utilises the patent-pending SVC (Submersed Vortex Cavitation) technology in the DEMI™ and CENTI™ machines and proprietary AUTOMAT3D™ software to achieve unparalleled processing times and end part consistency.

The complete resin removal takes only 5 to 10 minutes. As per the company, the new solution consistently performs at an unmatched efficiency by cleaning up to 5 times as many parts before detergent saturation as against the traditional solvent resin removal.

Post-processing software helps in eliminating the tedious process of manual cleaning of printed parts, thereby avoiding chances of damage to the part. It also helps in precise control over the parameters, monitoring of process and proactive maintenance management.

Above: Introductory video of DEMI – An advanced software-driven 3D post-printing system for FDM, PolyJet and SLA support removal/Video Credit: PostProcess/YouTube

Speaking about its latest 3D printed SLA resin removal innovation, Jeff Mize, CEO, PostProcess Technologies said, “PostProcess’ latest innovation of the most advanced SLA resin removal solution in the world reinforces our commitment to providing the AM industry with transformative post-printing solutions enabling the market to scale. SLA is one of the most popular 3D printing technologies in the world. No matter what volume of printing, any SLA user can benefit from the remarkable efficiencies of our solution’s decreased processing time, increased throughput, increased detergent longevity, and improved safety. PostProcess has designed the world’s first complete SLA resin removal system, available only from the pioneers in forward-thinking 3D post-printing.”

The longevity of the PostProcess chemistry created for this solution, PG1.2, provides for resin removal on up to 1000 trays (Average tray size = 15″) in the DEMI machine before reaching saturation. This increased longevity also reduces the costs of waste disposal and machine downtime as fewer detergent change-outs are required. The PG1.2 chemistry also better addresses health and safety concerns compared with traditional solvent solutions, offering a lower vapor pressure and higher flash point. The new PostProcess solution reduces the overall number of steps and chemical applications required from print to finish, driving increased productivity for technicians.

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