PostProcess Launches the DEMI 4000™, Automated and Intelligent SLA Post-Printing Solution

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DEMI 4000™

Above: DEMI 4000™ SLA post-printing solution/Image Source: PostProcess Technologies

PostProcess Technologies Inc., the global provider of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, today unveiled the DEMI 4000™, an automated and intelligent SLA post-printing solution. The DEMI4000™ will help users in automated removal of the residual resin.

DEMI4000™ – SLA Post-Printing Solution

SLA post-printing solution

Above: DEMI 4000™ is enabled by PostProcess’s AUTOMAT3D® software platform/Image Source: PostProcess Technologies

The new DEMI 4000 SLA post-printing solution leverages PostProcess’s proven submersible technology for consistent, hands-free resin removal on large part sizes or large builds with many smaller-sized stereolithography (SLA) parts. This solution addresses the growing market demand for a production-ready, software-driven finishing solution for high-volume SLA with the same fast cycle times, exceptional chemistry longevity, and safety features available in PostProcess’s existing lineup.

Enabled by PostProcess’s AUTOMAT3D® software platform, the DEMI 4000 SLA post-printing solution leverages patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology. This technology utilizes advanced ultrasonics, a vortex pumping scheme, and heat and variable fluid flow in concert with proprietary additive formulated chemistry to optimize resin removal. With a user-friendly software interface, operators will be able to utilize pre-programmed recipes as well as create custom recipes to produce consistent end parts.

The comprehensive suite of chemistries offered with the system, each uniquely optimized for different types of resins including specialized applications such as ceramic-filled resins and high-temp resins, offer unparalleled saturation longevity and useful life compared to any other chemistry on the market. PostProcess’s recently launched PLM-403 specifically offers six times the longevity of commonly-used IPA, resulting in less frequent chemical changeouts, less machine downtime, and safer working conditions using environmentally conscious constituent elements.

The DEMI 4000 SLA post-printing solution’s innovative adjustable and ergonomic lift system allows users to simultaneously process multiple build trays of various heights and widths for optimal ease of use. This lift system in a fully-enclosed process volume provides an optimized operator experience while enabling a cleaner and safer working environment. The process envelope of the DEMI 4000 is aligned with many of the most popular production level SLA 3D printers, including the 3D Systems ProX 800, RPS NEO800, and Stratasys V650.

Speaking at the launch, Rich Caplow, VP of Product, PostProcess Technologies said, “By driving industry-leading innovation that enables high-scale and high-volume additive production, we’re confirming our position as a pioneer in the next phase in the future of additive manufacturing. Stereolithography is one of the most popular methods of 3D printing; with the addition of the DEMI 4000 SLA post-printing solution to our portfolio, SLA users at all build sizes and volumes can accomplish complete resin removal using a software-intelligent solution that delivers the industry’s fastest cycle times with greater automation, and improved safety and sustainability.”

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