Prodways, Schneider Electric and Platinum 3D Boosting the Development Cycle of Industrial Products

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In a joint project focusing on incorporating 3D printing technologies into the production of plastic injection moulds, Prodways Technologies, Openlab by Schneider Electric and the Platinum 3D platform are teaming up to accelerate the development cycle of industrial products.

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Above: Example of 3D Printed Injection Mould/Image Credit: Openlab Schneider Electric

One of the major challenges for the Industry of the Future will undoubtedly be to release new products onto the market faster in order to stay competitive. At the same time, international standards and certification requirements burden electricity manufacturers with long certification processes for their components, which must be produced using final material prototypes. In order to reduce time to market, the R&D departments of electrical component manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, a global leader, need to produce their prototypes fast in order to obtain certification and perform functional tests with the final material. Consequently, the challenge is to be able to break free of traditional tooling – a long, expensive process – by creating the prototype moulds through 3D printing and to then inject final material parts and speed up the iterations needed to get certified before producing the final production mould.

3D printing

Above: Example of an injection mould printed in 3D on a standard injection moulding machine/Image Credit: Openlab Schneider Electric

With nearly 400 product launches per year and revenue in excess of €24 billion in 2017, Schneider Electric has placed strategic importance on technological innovation focused on improving time to market. To achieve this, Schneider Electric utilizes its Openlab, located in downtown Grenoble, to support development projects for new offers.

To quote Frédérick Choupin of Schneider Electric: “Our goal is to use cutting-edge technologies to shorten the product development cycle. With 3D printing and agile project management, we’re in a position to overcome the traditional obstacles of long-established processes and market an innovative product 60% faster.”

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With this in mind, Openlab by Schneider Electric has been working with Prodways Technologies and the Platinum 3D technology platform for over a year to incorporate MOVINGLight® technology into the development cycle of its electrical components in order to print plastic injection moulds in 3D. Ultimately, nearly 25 tooling moulds were printed in 3D, and as a result, hundreds of parts could be injected on an injection moulding machine under manufacturing conditions in order to create parts that matched the final shape and complied with the certification prerequisites with the correct polymer grade.

3D printing

Above: Example of a 3D printed injection mould after modification of inserts/Image Credit: Openlab Schneider Electric

Sébastien Guenet, Deputy Executive Officer of UIMM Champagne-Ardenne (Champagne-Ardenne Union of Metallurgies Industries), Platinum 3D, said, “Typically, producing an aluminium mould for tooling prototypes of parts that need to be certified as final material has a lead time that can range from several weeks to two months, and that drastically slows down the development cycle. With 3D printing, we can produce tooling prototypes in a few hours, modify them immediately based on the needs of the functional tests and then inject final material parts. These final material parts are sent directly for certification while the aluminium mould is still being produced. Thanks to this process, we considerably speed up the new-product development cycle since the final material parts are already certified even before the aluminium production mould is finalized.”

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Above: Example of Glass-filled Polymide parts/Image Credit: Openlab Schneider Electric

Thanks to Prodways’ 3D printing materials that boast high mechanical and heat resistance, Openlab by Schneider Electric and Platinum 3D have injected charged and nonflammable polyamide parts. Glass-charged polyamide is one of the most commonly used materials for technical components where heat resistance is mandatory; it is standard for many industries and an indispensable prerequisite for obtaining certifications. 3D printing, which is essential for developing industrial products, is therefore poised to play a key role in the growth of the businesses of the future. Through this partnership, Prodways Technologies, Openlab by Schneider Electric and Platinum 3D are reaffirming their central role as trailblazers paving the way to innovation in French industry.

About Openlab by Schneider Electric

Openlab is a manufacturing accelerator for innovative solutions created by Schneider Electric and start-ups in the Grenoble ecosystem, which is the French region with the second-highest concentration of start-up incubators and accelerators after the Paris region.

About Platinum 3D

PLATINUM 3D is a technological, scientific and training platform dedicated to using additive manufacturing to create metal parts.

About Prodways Technologies

PRODWAYS TECHNOLOGIES is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of industrial 3D printers, offering a broad spectrum of multi-technology 3D printing systems and related premium materials. Building on revolutionary and proprietary technology, MOVINGLight®, PRODWAYS GROUP today has global visibility in the industrial 3D printing sector and with leading customers.

Source: Prodways

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