Prusa Research launches Prusa Pro HT90, the new Industrial 3D printer

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The new Prusa Pro HT90 industrial 3D printer
The new Prusa Pro HT90 industrial 3D printer/Source: Prusa 3D

Prusa Research, a Czech startup focused on desktop 3D printers and materials, has launched the Prusa Pro HT90 3D printer, marking its entry into the industrial 3D printing market.

The new printer was introduced at the Rapid TCT fair in Los Angeles. Prusa Research hopes to replicate its success in the desktop 3D printer segment, where the Original Prusa printers have gained worldwide popularity among hobbyists and businesses.

Industrial 3D Printing with Prusa Pro HT90

Prusa Pro HT90 is here: The only 3D printer an engineer needs/Source: YouTube/Prusa 3D

The Prusa Pro HT90 has already generated buzz due to its ability to process high-end materials that standard desktop 3D printers cannot, as well as its overall performance.

“If you have a development or prototyping department in your company, the HT90 is the only 3D printer your engineers will need. It covers the entire production process, from rapid PLA prototyping to final products made from high-tech polymers. You don’t have to use multiple specialized printers or wait for your suppliers.”

– Josef Průša, CEO of Prusa Research

The HT90 includes everything required to be the most cost-effective solution for comprehensive industrial 3D printing in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, manufacturing, and many more.

The printer employs delta kinematics and, in addition to its versatility, offers high speed, exceptional print quality, unlimited third-party material compatibility (no vendor lock), and user data security.

Prusa Pro HT90 offers three modes of operation
Prusa Pro HT90 offers three modes of operation/Source: Prusa 3D

The HT90 has three operating modes: a fully functional offline mode with no limitations or compromises. Slice an object, place it on a USB drive, insert it into the HT90, and begin printing. No logins, no registrations, and no apps. You can even update the firmware offline using a file on a USB drive.

Vojtěch Tambor, head of the Prusa Pro Delta division, which developed the HT90, explained, “In the industrial secretary, a printer with a fully-featured offline mode is often more valued than an always-online device with a mobile app that keeps sending data to third-party servers.”

Tambor added, “Prusa Research never collects data without your consent – not the print data, not the printer’s surroundings. We believe that no organization except yours should be interested in this information.”

The HT90 has already been beta-tested by a few companies and is currently in production. Volkswagen is one of the companies that has already implemented the HT90.

“The main advantage of this printer is that it was made to industrial standards. I can place it on my desk, or in the workshop, and I’m always confident that it will deliver the prints exactly the way I want them made.”

– Herbert Kretzmer from Volkswagen Academy in Emden, Germany.
Prusa Pro HT90 PCCF (left) and PA 11 CF (right) samples
Prusa Pro HT90 PCCF (left) and PA 11 CF (right) samples/Source: Prusa 3D

Prusa Pro, an independent division of Prusa Research that focuses on industrial applications, developed and manufactured the HT90. Printer development and production are carried out separately from Prusa Research’s teams, which continue to work on desktop 3D printers.

“Expanding our portfolio with the Prusa Pro line certainly doesn’t mean that we are stepping away from our Original Prusa 3D printers, which customers have known and loved for more than 10 years,”

– Josef Průša, CEO of Prusa Research

Josef Průša concluded by saying, “On the contrary, with the Prusa Pro products, we can incorporate a vast range of cutting-edge technologies and their development also helps us advance our entire lineup of 3D printers.”

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