Re:3D’s new 3D Printers – Gigabot 4, Terabot 4, GigabotX 2 & TerabotX 2

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(Left to Right) Re:3D’s New 3D Printers - Gigabot 4 with enclosure, Gigabot 4 XLT, Terabot 4, Exabot, TerabotX 2, Gigabotx 2 XLT, GigabotX 2 with enclosure
(Left to Right) Re:3D’s New 3D Printers – Gigabot 4 with enclosure, Gigabot 4 XLT, Terabot 4, Exabot, TerabotX 2, Gigabotx 2 XLT, GigabotX 2 with enclosure/Source: re:3D

With the release of Gigabot 4, Terabot 4, GigabotX 2, and TerabotX 2, re:3D, Inc. announced the inclusion of UltiMachine’s ArchiMajor 32bit control board and the transition to Klipper firmware. Re:3D’s new 3D printers will feature eight integrated stepper motor drivers, three heater outputs, five thermocouple inputs, four controllable fans, and eight endstops are included on the advanced board.

The PCB and Raspberry Pi touchscreen controller are housed within a 16″ electrical enclosure and work together to control an agile software stack with web capabilities. This board not only boosts Gigabot and Terabot processing power, but it also enables better control of re:3D’s supply chain and electronics quality with a strong US manufacturing partner.

“As a US based company, UltiMachine enjoys designing custom solutions to enable open-source US 3D Printer OEMs to enhance their offerings and scale.”

– Johnny Russell, CEO, UltiMachine

Re:3D’s new 3D Printers

Introducting Gigabot 4 & Terabot 4/Source: re:3D

Re:3D’s printers will have a host of new features and additions which make the machines more reliable and produce better results.

Gigabot 4: In Gigabot 4, re:3D has made some technological improvements to increase its reliability and longevity. Many of these updates revolve around the extrusion system, which includes an all-metal extruder body, 20 Series Hot Ends for 0.8 nozzles, Terabot 4, tube style thermocouples, and heater cartridges as standard, resulting in the most robust, industrial extruder system. Gigabot 4 comes in a standard 600 mm cubed kit, with the option of adding an enclosure if desired.

Terabot 4: The enclosure is included as standard with the Terabot 4. Other structural additions, such as the side panels, help to protect the motors and electronic components.

GigabotX 2: The GigabotX 2 has a precision engineered feeding and extrusion system for processing pelletized and granular thermoplastics. Material is manually fed into the 24-hour capacity hopper, which is supported by an independent hopper gantry system, allowing for a full and smooth range of motion as well as consistent feeding into the extruder.

Print material enters the extruder via the gravity fed feed throat or the optional active feeding system, or crammer, which includes a motorised auger that pushes material into the extruder at a user-controlled feed rate.

“Installing the UltiMachine ArchiMajor 32bit PCB was a critical evolution in the Gigabot & Gigabot X portfolio. Not only does the board offer increased performance, it has been critical in our transition to Klipper firmware, a front mounted touchscreen, and WIFI connectivity while providing the customer with increased capability for open source modifications. Our relationship with UltiMachine has been critical in ensuring supply chain resiliency.”

– Samantha Snabes, Co-founder and Catalyst, re:3D

To learn more about all the new features in the Gigabot 4, Terabot 4, GigabotX 2 and TerabotX 2 3D printers, visit the official website.

About re:3D: re:3D, Inc. is a group of visionaries dedicated to lowering the cost and scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. re:3D provides 3D printing contract services, consulting, design, and education services in addition to creating products for customers in over 50 countries.

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