Replique announces Public Launch of its 3D Printing Material Hub

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Replique 3D printing material hub partners
Replique 3D printing material hub partners/Source: Replique

Replique, a provider of a decentralised 3D printing platform for the secure and reliable production of industrial-grade parts, announced the public launch of its comprehensive 3D Printing Material Hub. Replique is excited to introduce the database to the larger community following a successful beta release that received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The Material Hub, which is openly accessible now houses an impressive collection of over 400 polymer materials curated in collaboration with over 25 material providers. This represents a significant increase, more than doubling the number of materials available since Formnext’s initial launch in November 2023.

3D Printing Material Hub

Replique material hub
Replique material hub/Source: Replique

Already in beta, the hub assisted numerous companies, institutions, and partners in quickly accessing and filtering the appropriate 3D printing materials.

“Replique’s Material Hub significantly accelerates the material selection process. Just recently we have searched for a material that fulfills our high flame retardancy requirements as part of a new 3D printing project. Thanks to Replique’s support we were able to find the right material fast and efficiently. This Material Hub will become a part of our daily-basis tools to help us to develop 3D printing.”

– Mathilde Lepilliez, Innovation Manager and 3D Printing Engineer at Alstom

Engineers, purchasers, and R&D can all benefit from Replique’s Material Hub, which includes a plethora of features. Users can easily navigate the hub using technical filtering options to find the best materials for their specific applications, saving time and money over manual research. Each material comes with detailed technical specifications, industry standards, and application fields, allowing you to make an informed decision. Furthermore, printer manufacturers, service providers, and other stakeholders can benefit from the database’s collective knowledge, which promotes collaboration and innovation in the 3D printing community.

Replique’s public launch includes performance improvements based on user feedback, such as an optimised search function. Users can search at two levels: detailed (e.g., direction-dependent mechanical properties) and beginner-friendly. As a result, less-experienced users can use the tool more efficiently and get a head start on adopting additive manufacturing technology. Once a suitable material has been identified, users can now directly request a quote to have their parts produced by Replique or contact the material provider for more information.

Dr. Max Siebert, CEO, and Co-Founder of Replique, commented on the milestone: “We are thrilled with the positive reception of our Material Hub during the beta phase. The public launch marks an important step in our mission to democratize access to additive manufacturing. We are committed to continuously enhancing the platform to meet the evolving needs of our users.”

Looking ahead, Replique plans to expand the Material Hub’s capabilities with new features and materials. While the current focus is on polymers, the addition of metal materials is planned. As a result, metal 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular across a variety of industries. Material providers who want to showcase their materials are encouraged to contact Replique directly.

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