Replique and CALLUM Collaborate to Design and Produce Unique 3D Printed Trophies for 2023 World Car Awards

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(Left to Right) Jose Munoz, Global COO Hyundai Motor Company and SangYup Lee, Executive VP and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center with the 3D printed trophies
(Left to Right) Jose Munoz, Global COO Hyundai Motor Company and SangYup Lee, Executive VP and Head of Hyundai Global Design Center with the 3D printed trophies/Source: Replique

Replique, a provider of fully encrypted 3D printing platforms, recently teamed up with CALLUM, a design and engineering firm, to create one-of-a-kind 3D printed trophies for the World Car Awards 2023. The recent World Car Awards (WCA) ceremony in New York in April drew the attention of the global automotive community once again, but another highlight of the evening was the eye-catching 3D printed trophy that was presented to the category winners.

The WCA organisers chose and commissioned the two companies with the creative brief of designing and manufacturing a new, unique, and visually impactful trophy that would befit the prestigious awards and their winners.

3D Printed Trophies for World Car Awards 2023

3D Printed Trophies for World Car Awards 2023
3D Printed Trophies for World Car Awards 2023/Source: Replique

Replique, which provides the first fully encrypted 3D printing platform that provides OEMs with a secure and sustainable means of providing parts on demand, anytime, anywhere, used SLS technology to produce the trophies in PA12 material through its network of trusted print partners.

The trophies were 3D printed and then post-processed before being delivered to New York in time for the internationally recognised awards ceremony. The vapour smoothing technique was used, which provided an ideal seamless surface for the application of vibrant gold automotive-grade coatings, further enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Hyundai was one of the winners, with three victories for its IONIQ 6. The coveted 3D printed awards included ‘World Car of the Year,’ with the company’s global COO on hand to accept them.

“Thanks to its fundamental attributes for fast, low-volume production of any design in one-piece, regardless of its complexity, 3D printing was an obvious choice as the manufacturing method for this project.

– Henrike Wonneberger, Co-founder and COO of Replique

Wonneberger added, “We are thrilled with the results and were not surprised that the trophies turned heads at the ceremony.”

The new trophy, designed by Ian Callum, who is known for his timeless automotive designs, reimagines the theme of the WCA logo and the original award, with a road encircling the globe in a modern yet emotive style depicting movement. As the automotive industry rapidly embraces additive manufacturing due to its unique benefits such as cost reduction, improved product performance, and increased supply chain resilience, WCA has chosen to use this technology for the first time in the creation of the new trophy. The new trophy’s construction, which makes use of 3D printing, also represents the many technological advances made in vehicle design and manufacturing.

“3D printing is fantastic because it addresses and overcomes the constraints of traditional thinking and manufacturing,” explains Ian Callum.

Callum added, “When you design something, you need to consider factors like the angles, the construction method and if it will need assembly of different parts – all of which is very complicated and time-consuming. This project demonstrates perfectly how 3D printing completely removes that headache, by granting you the means to create virtually any form from a digitalized design.”

About Replique: Replique was founded by BASF employees in the material science and digitization fields. Their plan was to digitise and produce parts on demand so that they would be available at any time and from any location.

About CALLUM: CALLUM is a design and engineering firm that creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition products. CALLUM is a design, lifestyle, and travel company that takes on projects that intrigue, excite, and tell a story. It is the result of a collaboration of talented individuals with backgrounds in art, audio, automotive, fashion, and motorsport.

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